Organizing & Refreshing Little Closets in Small Spaces!

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IMG_0513My kids share a room! We don’t have to – we actually have a three-bedroom apartment, but they like it, and I personally find it makes my life easier (most of the time…). We use our third bedroom as a craft and school area and you can see photos of it in my organizing with Thirty One Gifts post!

When you live in an apartment or in the city, you generally have less room, and as we use just one closet for our kids’ clothes – which nicely keeps my ridiculous clothing habit for my kids in check – we really need a great system! Here’s ours – and yes, we do keep every single bit of clothing in this one closet. No dressers or other storage!

And don’t worry, I’m a completely normal mom and not showing you pictures that are going to make you hate yourself because I have some sort of beautiful closet. No way. My closet is totally real. I try to keep up and that’s about it. Please be sure to leave your own tips and ideas in the comments!

Organizing the Closets



The Rack: On top of the rack is a pile of clothes ready for space-bagging! (See below!)

  1. Jammies and undershirts
  2. Shoes
  3. Shorts in the summer, pants in the winter
  4. Swimwear for both kids
  5. Extra blankets and some off season shoes

The wire racks on each side of the closet are from Ikea. We don’t use the storage bins inside baskets. I use these exact same shelving units for my pantry storage, which is in a nook in my hallway! The kids’ boots are kept sort of lined up on the floor.



The rack: on top of this rack are the kids’ extra bed linens and my daughter’s tutus!

  1. Jammies and scarves. The scarves are kept tucked behind the pajamas.
  2. Undies and leggings
  3. Pants in the winter, shorts in the summer
  4. My daughter’s “minks” (her baby blankets).
  5. Purses.

The cheap bookshelf I picked up at a CVS on clearance for $5 and it originally was used as a bookshelf when she was a baby. After the back popped out we converted it to shoe storage. It works great in here!

But where are the socks?

I’m kind of weird about socks, here’s how I do it! When I had my daughter we didn’t have a dresser and this way just stuck!

IMG_9949 This one is pretty good. It’s extremely sturdy and won’t ever fall down, but it tends to bunch up on the rod. Half the socks are missing because they are packed for a trip. When I took these photos I was packing for our early October trip to Disney World! Summer clothes for the trip, fall clothes upon return! A perfect time to refresh the closet!

IMG_9951I think this one may be a cheapy from Target. The pockets are smaller but the rod position doesn’t change.  I may have to get one of the bigger ones!

Off-season Clothing

I will admit that I used to save my kids’ clothing for a possible next baby. And then we moved to the city again (we tend to move a lot) and I just got fed up with all the storage and not having room for things we actually use, so I quit! It was very freeing. I use MoxieJean and ThredUp to sell my kids clothing, it’s easy and I just put it out with the mail! And if you’re a suburban mom who doesn’t have time for the consignment shop, you can use these services too!  Also try Twice for your own clothes. Obviously those sites are great for shopping too!


I make it a point to keep a bag from these services in the bottom of my closet (which is larger!) and pitch clothes in them as they outgrow them. When they’re not outgrown yet but off-season, I’m a total Space Bag queen! You can get them at Costco very cheaply, and they’re now manufactured by Ziploc. Amazon sometimes has them at not-too-terrible prices. These clothes were packed away months ago and the seals on each one of them have held absolutely securely.

space bags

I keep them stacked neatly on top of the closet!


When you put away clothes for next year, ask yourself:

  1. Can I get top dollar now? Many times I sell off clothes I don’t love in excellent condition instead of putting them away.
  2. Will it fit next year?
  3. Do I like it?
  4. Does my child like it?

And of course when you pull them back, don’t forget to check if they will still fit! I oftentimes find that many of the clothes only fit for a month or so, but at least I didn’t need to purchase new outfits only for a month. Of course, don’t forget to make note of what you’re missing when you pack clothes away. You’ll be able to take advantage of end-of-season sales at your favorite clothing stores!

My Very Favorite Hat Storage!

This “Your Way Cube” from Thirty-One Gifts is my fave!


31 is a direct sales company (not a consultant, just a fan!) and has really high quality storage containers and accessories. I use them everywhere! You can visit my 31 page here. I got tired of using plastic tubs for everything and upgraded my storage a bit over the past year. Organization is something I struggle with. I’m not perfect, but at least I can find (most) everything I need.

What are your favorite tips for organizing kids clothes? I know we all do it differently so I totally want to know!

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