It’s Monday!

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Hi Everyone! I’m back! We came back on Thursday night but I haven’t been nearly caught up enough to sit down and think even for a few minutes! I still have quite a few reviews to post but got up most of the biggies!

I actually have a sitter the next 2 weeks so I can write a paper for class. It’s a little too hectic around here to get serious writing done with my kids around (what?! subscription boxes and shopping isn’t serious???). So I’ll probably be hanging around my blog at night only!  I have to say, I am secretly (not so secret anymore) thrilled to not have mail today. I have an extra day of catchup!

Today it finally stopped raining (I am so thinking of buying a car) and I did grocery shopping! Yes, I decided my oldest was TOO BIG for the stroller now and converted the seat to the bassinet. I can still use the bassinet with the second seat, which my youngest will use, but the sitter was with them this morning. (HATE wasting sitter time on groceries, but it was a desperate time!). I packed 6 gallons of milk and lots of other stuff in this guy! We should be good on the basics until my grandparents visit, and then I’ll stock back up for the month before we leave for an entire month!Yes I just got back home and now I’m planning more travel. Exhausting.

IMG_0587BTW, this is my baby jogger city select and I got it on Amazon (that’s my affiliate link, in case you decide to go crazy and buy a $500 stroller RIGHT NOW). I put it on my baby registry and used my percent off when I got it to purchase it. I bought it in January (month after my kid was born), when they clearance prior year models. Yes, strollers are just like cars, its’ nuts. They are expensive though! The funny thing is that my child has reflux and was never even really able to use the bassinet. I’m really happy to start getting some use out of it now! I basically bought the ENTIRE system.

Oh yeah, I also went to Target and scored 7 cans of Annie’s Stars. I normally just cook my own pasta & tomato sauce for the kids, but this is great for when I’m in a pinch or have a sitter!


I picked up this garbage food too, it was $1.50 for both. We’ll make some and pass them out to the neighbors and I’ll let my kids have a few. We basically don’t bake any more so picking up something on clearance won’t kill us. I didn’t read the label. Sticking my head in the sand on that one.IMG_0586


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  • Jennifer V

    I have tried those cookies. Not good.

    • Brandy

      Good to know I won’t be tempted. Not good as in kids won’t eat them, or just adult icky?

  • alena

    I don’t know Brandy… Those cotton candy cookies look-gross!! haha!

  • Ally

    While I don’t have children, I wish I could hire an adult-sitter for two weeks to take care of the misc in my life. Hm. Think they do temporary personal assistants? 😛

    • Brandy

      DO IT

      You can hire someone to just about anything at relatively low cost.

      • Ally

        I know. I really need to look into it. There is a both a college and high school walking distance from me— if I could send someone to go grocery shopping, I’d be in heaven. 😛