It’s Monday!

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MondayI was making dinner for my kids yesterday evening – not sure what happened, I wasn’t even distracted! – and sloshed boiling water all over my hand. And it was bad. Really bad. Like yelling in pain scaring the crap out of my kids I got a second degree burn kind of bad. I think it was worse than it would have otherwise been because it was a container full of starchy water and really stuck to my skin. I’m not going to post a picture. Gross!

I realized 2 things: 1) that my first aid supplies are inadequate for burns (I’ve been recommended this product: 2nd Skin, which I’ll be adding to my collection), and 2) that narcotics work quite well on burn pain. Fortunately I had a few left over from having the worst case of strep throat in the world this summer (the kind that was actually antibiotic resistant strep and that’s all the details we need today, it was gross). Whew.

I’m being really super brave right now and making mac & cheese for the kids for lunch. I’m sort of terrified of it, but I’ll get through it. It’s their fave! I get mine from Vitacost ($10/30 for new members with Vitacost Rewards). And yes it does taste so much better than that other natural brand that I can get cheap at Costco and the bug shape totally has nothing to do with it. I can’t help getting it, they love it!

Since we got it in October Citrus Lane, my son has been carrying his night light around like a baby doll. Is that a bit odd? Like he gets up in the middle of the night and carries it into bed with me. Never turns it on, just carries it like a baby. I guess he likes it! Or it’s the same size as his baby doll.

We used last year’s Target clearance to make these gorgeous cookies 😉 Are you gearing up for your October clearance? I’ll post a photo tomorrow of our “tablescape”!

No, it’s not healthy. 

Real people win contests, so you should enter mine! I won this last month from Mom’s Got Mail! I love winning!

That’s it for today! I have to trudge off to the city for class tonight!


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  • glennerallyspeaking

    I am so excited for the Halloween clearance at Target! I went today to scope it out and make a mental list of what to look for once the clearance starts 🙂

    • Brandy

      haha. Our clearance is very organized. It’s all in one place and what’s left is what’s left. I don’t know whether to bother to go on Friday, to go early Saturday, or what. I think maybe we’ll go Friday if the weather is nice, but I’m not sure there are going to be screaming deals due to the timing. Saturday shoppers will wipe it out at 50% or even 30% (which ain’t much of a sale)!

      • Glenna

        Ooh, I didn’t even think about how the weekend would play into clearance availability! I was thinking of waiting til Monday but that might be a mistake. Time will tell.

        • Brandy

          I know! I feel like I am going to have to go every day. Which is pathetic!