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I’ve been terrible about my daily posts for some reason! I haven’t heard many complaints about that, but perhaps it’s only because I’ve been out of town. And I’ve been super busy too with schoolwork! Actually I had this crazy idea that I’d be halfway done writing this article by now, but I’m so not. I’ve been taking advantage of the small break from caring for my kids by myself and took a 3 hour nap yesterday! Yes it was pretty amazing!

So, I had an extra Hello Fresh delivery the other week and it was while we were gone, so I had my neighbor grab it for me (she takes in all my packages anyways) and now she’s totally hooked on my blog (HI!!!). And it’s sooo nice to have a neighbor to be friendly with! She mentioned she wanted to try out Bona Clara, so I took her my set! I’ve been using the complete system for a few days now and my blackheads are disappearing! Which is awesome – I thought those suckers were permanent. Hope you like it C! Bring it back soon! 🙂  I had a party on the Bona Clara tour (contact me if you’re interested, we might be coming to your town) and one of the guests got hilarious on sangria. I thought that was funny 🙂

I think I’m going to a blogging conference on Saturday, if I can organize child care for it. There are plenty of people who will watch my kids, but I’m pretty picky (you know, please don’t have them spread raspberry jelly on the carpet, that sort of thing). Current sitter is out of town that day. I think it will be super fun, but I don’t have any bloggy business cards. I need to get some! I think I’m going to order from, they have $25 off. If you use my link, $25 off for you too! Update: I think I’m going to use Overnight Prints. WAY cheap! Minted is still nice but maybe just for stationery! (aff link!)

IT IS COLD TODAY. Do people actually think I’m leaving my house? I have class too. I’m so not ready for winter! But I got great news on Friday – the Safeway that’s only 1.5 city blocks away from me and that I have never been to (because they tore it down right when I moved in 2 years ago) is reopening on Friday! That means no more icky Giant (and I love Stop & Shop, I don’t know why our Giant is so bad!). And no more really huge long walk to the grocery store! I’m pretty excited about it with winter coming. I celebrated by ordering from Peapod. I had a need for caffeine and no time to go to the store. That will probably be my last one in a long while!

What’s new with you this morning!


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