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Some of you have already seen my makeup chest, the mother of all makeup organizers! Someday I’ll clean up and post new photos, but you get the idea! It’s amazing! But I see all the time people asking how they should organize their makeup samples, and especially their beauty samples. For me, since I get soooo so so so much stuff in the mail, not everything quite makes it into my makeup chest or the organizers on the side of the hutch. (Let’s keep it real people, it actually looks like this in my house →).

Just because I can find it doesn’t mean it’s pretty! That part is up to you! Those bad boys to the right are Rubbermaid Bento storage containers and they have nifty flexible inner storage. For many of you without a ridiculous load of stuff, they would probably work pretty well.

But no, I need more, Because I have more stuff. First, I tried this organizer. You can see it hanging in the photo with the bento boxes off my Ikea cheapy lamp. It works pretty well, but it will only work for samples. And you cannot load up the entire thing with samples or anything like jars, because it’s too much for the flimsy top. And while I was really looking to just store samples, I just had too many for it. Right now it works great hanging next to my makeup table to remind me what I am looking to use and experiment with!


I recently picked up a Little Black Dress jewelry organizer and I totally love it. The back side is for storing jewelry, and if you want to keep your jewelry and your beauty samples together, that’s my top pick for you. Of course, I have ridiculously more stuff, it wouldn’t cut it.

I stumbled upon LBD’s sister organizer, the accessory organizer! It’s amazing! I own three of these (look for my LBD on vacation too!) and keep one on the back of my bathroom door and one on my towel rack. Everything is topically organized, too! I won’t bore you with what’s in each and every pocket, but my LBDs hold everything from soap to sunless tanner to lotions, body butters, surf sprays, tampons, and leave-in conditioners. Everything has a place and I can see it all. Have you figured out I love hanging stuff up? It keeps my counters and drawers clear and somehow hanging stuff against the wall makes it seem like there’s less… stuff!

makeup organizer

You can get the Little Black Dress accessory organizer at Umbra for $10 each. Shipping is $5 and you can use code SAVE10 to save 10%. (If it doesn’t work, register on the site, put it in your cart, and wait). The Jewelry organizer is great (I have one of those too), but you need the accessory organizer. It’s half the price and totally made for this job. I have no affiliation whatsoever to Umbra, but of course the following Amazon links are affiliate ones. If you just want the jewelry organizer you can pick one up on Amazon without shipping. For some reason, the accessory organizer is $20 on Amazon, so go straight to Umbra. The shipping is fairly quick. The Umbra Little Black Dress accessory organizer is sturdy and strong.

I started using it because of the hanger issue I had with the white organizer above, but I totally fell in love with it because the storage possibilities are endless! You could literally have a whole section of your closet of Umbra LBDs for a fairly small amount (if you have a large one like mine!). Be creative !

Do you have any other beauty and makeup organization tips? Another organizer to share? Let everyone know in the comments!

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  • Pam

    Love this idea, my subscription box goodies are getting a bit overwhelming so this is perfect for me. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    • Brandy

      I also recommend Alex drawers from ikea!!

  • Growing Up Madison

    I love this! My daughter is into polishes and beauty samples since she gets the subscription boxes so she might eventually need one of these. She’s not even close to your stash so she has some time but its good to know that its there when she needs it.

  • citizensofbeauty

    That is such a great idea! I love that for even storing just cosmetics!

  • C

    Wow. It is so wasteful to keep getting boxes and boxes when you can’t use it. It’s simply junking up your space. Why not donate it.

    • Brandy

      Most of the boxes I get are for review (I do not purchase them, and if I receive it free it’s noted on my review). I actually try most of the products I receive in order to write about them, which means I cannot donate them, because they are used. And if I could, I don’t have any way to do that, because I live in the city and do not have a car in order to drop it off. I have a bag for donations for a few times a year through VVA, but that is mostly clothes and household items. They come and pick it up for me. I have 2 children, who also use most of the products I get – skincare, lotions, shampoos, etc. I do not have friends that live locally, but when I do see my friends, as I did this past week, I bring a bag of stuff for them to take. I save many products and don’t open them that I know I will never use for gifts for friends & family. Thanks for your input!

  • alena

    I LOVE this Little black dress organizer! I must buy one (or three!)