Totally Tuesday!

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Like totally, it’s TUESDAY!


I totally ordered another Plated set yesterday! If you hate grocery shopping & love good food, pick one up! New subscribers get 2 free plates and that makes this box less than $8 a plate. I love it enough to get it without a discount! YUM doesn’t that look fabulous? As soon as I saw the menu I ordered!

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.51.01 PM

If Plated isn’t your thing or doesn’t deliver to your area, I still have a GREAT coupon for Hello Fresh! Save Save $25 with coupon code ASPLURGEFALL.  Or totally check out the Blue Apron deal. I’m just totally… not doing any grocery shopping for the rest of the year.

Right after I ordered I totally saw a pizza delivery car outside and it occurred to me that I totally haven’t ordered a pizza for delivery in YEARS. Like I think we had a pizza delivered when we moved into our first place in California. In 2007. Wow!

I totally need ideas for this thing. Anyone?  It’s taller & more narrow than an oatmeal container & I’m expecting a second one soon!IMG_9605

I totally saw this on a friend of a friend’s page and swiped it. It’s 3 Mary Kay reps. With tattoos. Those are real people. And real tattoos.IMG_9624

My kids totally want this. Daddy says it’s totally too expensive.


Daddy wants this. Mommy says it’s totally too expensive.IMG_9619

But ummmm, they are TOTALLY ADORBS!IMG_9621


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  • Catherine

    You could make a rain shaker thing with it. Poke holes, and use the wooden skewers that you grill kebabs with and put them in it.. tape up the top, fill with rice and other things (beans, etc.) and then tape the other end. Let the kids paint the outside. We used to do that kind of stuff at summer camp. If you are getting another, voila! One for both kids.

  • Ally

    Test tube- Deluxe size samples that are going to be given away? Pencil/pen holder?

    Also, those tattoos are just crazy!!! I would never ever get the logo of my employer. Now, I could see if you had your own company, but I still wouldn’t. 🙂

    • Brandy

      I think it’s too long for pens/pencils. Maybe paintbrushes. I can cover it and let the kids paint it or something. They are really nice and have these great plastic ends!

      The tattoos are SO NUTS! I had to share it.