Thursday Thoughts

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Time for Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer!

My daughter was all MOMMY THERE’S A ROCK HANGING IN YOUR SHOWER! Ha! It’s the Julep Konjac Sponge.  You can see my Julep September review, but basically I love it!

Wooo, for everyone that’s been waiting, Honest Company bundles are 40% off for new customers! Use code PlumB2S40 at (that’s my referral link). Sweet deal! Here are my reviews of Honest Company Essentials products!

I’m so jealous of everyone sending their kids to school. My daughter wants to go so so badly. She’ll be five in December and would be in school in many parts of the country, just not here. I’ll have the same problem with my son – their birthdays are 2 days apart! Of course I’m going back to school on Monday, which means I probably have a boatload of reading to do. Goodbye summer!

Looks like Popsugar Fall Boxes are in the system, but they’re all shipping from Gilroy (US Garlic Capital!) so I won’t get mine FOR FOREVER! My winner will get hers straight off as she is in Northern California. I’m pretty excited about that $10 off code. I don’t think there’s been one for a while besides the standard $5 off one month. I think Popsugar is an awesome value anyways!!

Also if you’re new, I have giveaways. Always. I might have a new one today, we’ll see!

The kids & I are going on a grocery run (we have no milk! and we never ever have no milk!) and then I have a sitter in so I can do the aforementioned reading. I can do a million other things while hanging out and playing with my kids but I cannot cannot do actual reading. She’ll be here all next week and is also helping me organize. Too bad she’s also a grad student and won’t be available after next week, because she’s already awesome and she hasn’t even worked yet. Do you ever hire anyone to help around the house? I pretty much have to when I have to be gone, and it’s nice to have someone that is willing to help with the big stuff.

While you’re here, go laugh at all the stuff I found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It’s hilarious, I promise.


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