Stitch Fix Review – September 2013

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I’ve heard such great things about Stitch Fix, including from my blogging mentor/guru Tiffany (she’s my fave product reviewer EVER!), that I just totally had to try it!Stitch Fix Review   September 2013 photoI am afraid this review is going to suffer a bit as my full length mirror got shattered two weeks ago but hopefully you will enjoy my thoughts on this personal styling subscription nonetheless! I signed up and left this completely ridiculous profile. But as I had the opportunity to tell someone else what I like to wear and make them shop for me, I wanted to be sure they had all the information. And I absolutely recommend you do that! I do typically shop online for my clothes and return either via mail or the store. The last time I bought a suit I actually dropped 2 grand on suits to find the right one (and returned) because I just wasn’t sure what would look right!

So yes, I was totally ready to try Stitch Fix. You pay $20 for your styling fee and then that gets credited against anything you keep from your fix.Stitch Fix Review   September 2013 photo

Some highlights from the profile prcess. I absolutely loved how Stitch Fix asked if I was a mom. We do have different needs! I also loved the collections they laid out and inquired to how much I liked them. These are my personal notes to my stylist:

i guess i’m really cranky about my style. i mostly wear all black, that’s what i’m comfortable in, and i like INTERESTING black clothes.  i seriously will never wear white tops or see through stuff EVER.  do not bother with dryclean, i live in the city & don’t have a car. seriously, no white, no seethrough, no drycleaning. EVER.

Yes, I was dead serious about it. I guess if I wanted a fix for a special occasion I would have to tell my stylist that drycleaning is OK. But this mom doesn’t need drycleaning in her life Stitch Fix Review   September 2013 photo  And I do really act like that with companies. I’m a terrible consumer.

The SubscriptionStitch Fix
The Description: Create your style profile and get 5 stylist selected pieces – clothing & accessories – a month. Monthly “fixes” available.
The Price: what you buy (~$75/ea) + $20 styling fee credited to order

September 16, 2013 Stitch Fix

First Look I believe there was another area to enter comments that isn’t available to me from my Stitch Fix account area. I noted that I love PURPLE. Not lilac, but real purple. I was so delighted to see a box of black clothes and a huge purple necklace staring me in the face. I’m pretty sure I got all googly eyed. I was so very afraid to get clothes that I would hate. I think that my detailed profile along with the specific notes I gave my stylist really were the key!

Bay to Baubles Iridescent Circle Gems Bib Necklace ($34) This is the exact color I love. EXACT! I was so thrilled!

Pink Martini Oise Boatneck Dolman Sleeve Sweater ($68) Yes, it’s black! It’s perfect for the season and I love dolman sleeves. There’s also different patterns of stitches on it, which makes it “interesting.” I read some advice a long time ago that if you MUST be obsessed with black clothing, at least add textural detail, and I do try to do that!

Every item comes with this great card attached with styling suggestions. I’m absolutely going to save mine, because I need help.

41Hawthorn Angelina Cross-Front Long Sleeve Top ($68) I’m sorta meh on this color. It’s nice, just not me. It’s a lot of wine. I could wear it to get sloshed drinking some vino though. I’m a notorious spiller. If I decide to keep it I’ll make sure they never send me this color again though.

This would totally look great with a denim skirt! I love the no-wrinkle fabric 🙂

Hazel Matthew Lace Print Knit Dress ($78) I squealed when I saw this dress. It’s PERFECT! Good thing my stylist understood me when I said no white that she should totally send me this dress! It is fabulous and perfect and I must must must own it.

Do they have it in purple too? I’d buy both.

Sweet Rain Cellar Open Front Drape Cardigan ($48) I was actually already wearing a pink camisole with a ratty old black cardigan over the front, so I tore it off & slipped this one on!

Every woman needs a great black lightweight cardigan with no buttons, and a good one is hard to find. This has a great elastic shirring piece in the back so it stays looking put together.

The grand total for my box was $296. After the styling fee and the 25% discount (the discount comes after they remove the styling fee, I do think it should be before, but that’s how they do it), if I got the entire box it is $207. If I kept the dress, cardigan, and sweater, $194, or $174 after my styling fee is deducted. With such a slight difference, I’ll likely just keep the entire box!  If you want to try Stitch Fix, I would be absolutely thrilled if you chose to use my referral link. All my clothes have been sent off to ThredUp because they were too big and I’m currently rocking a Mossimo t-shirt and a foldover knit skirt. Yes, it’s pretty bad!  I would also appreciate input in making my final decision!
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  • tiffany

    I am SUPER flattered for the shout out, Brandy! And I TOTALLY want to see you in that dress! Also, I love purple, too! Great job being very specific with your stylist. She listened to you! 🙂

  • Alena

    Loving the sweater! AND the dress! Adorable!! Im so nervous to try StichFix, because I am FUSSY!

  • Ally

    We have very similar tastes in clothes! I adore the necklace (I love myself some purple), dress and sweater.

    • Brandy

      🙂 i think i’m pretty much getting the whole box. the discount is too good to resist. i would skip the wine colored shirt but there’s no point!

      • Ally

        Yeah, the wine colored shirt would likely be my least fav, but not because of the color. Moreso because I don’t like wrap-style garments.

  • Angie Nelson

    I so love that dress!