September Sparaj Box Review & Giveaway – Spa Subscription Pre-Launch!

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Sparaj sent me this subscription box for my review.

I was so excited to be able to review this new spa box! I think everyone has really been begging for the spa ritual/experience niche to be filled and Sparaj is a wonderful wonderful box! Trying new products is great, but it is really way more awesome when everything works together, and Sparaj absolutely exceeded my expectations, which were quite high! To celebrate the launch of this box, Sparaj is giving away a pre-launch box to one lucky reader! Hooray! Details on the end of the post! One of the great things about Sparaj is that you can order a one off box for yourself or as a gift and not worry about the subscriptions. Of course if you’re totally into spa boxes (which you should be, I am so into the spa experience this month!) you can subscribe!

September Sparaj Box Review & Giveaway   Spa Subscription Pre Launch! photo

I was excited about Sparaj just from the name. It sounded so exotic and the owners confirmed that it’s designed to evoke feelings of royalty and paradise. Sounds like it to me! Every box has a featured destination, and this box is Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi Leh Thailand. I so love Southeast Asia but I’ve never been to Thailand. Sounds like the perfect escape to me! This particular box is available until September 30, and you can save $5 with code SPLURGE5! UPDATE: The pre-launch has now sold out but you can order the November box! Be sure to do that before it sells out too!

The Subscription: Sparaj
The Description: Get an exclusive mix of spa, body care, home wellness and aromatherapy products from Sparaj’s monthly featured partner and explore the spectrum of products from Asian producers. These are gift boxes, not subscriptions, but a welcome newcomer for a category with few contenders!
The Price: $40 per month

September 2013 Sparaj Pre-Launch

Outer Box I loved the outside of this box! I was excited when it came in the mail and I saved it to open after the kids went to bed because I really wanted to enjoy it. I just loved the stamp!

This was very professionally wrapped & this photo doesn’t capture how pretty it is!

The goods! I was totally surprised to find all the items contained in this great little tote! The information card definitely caught my eye. I want to go THERE!

I thought this was a fantastic presentation!

Info Card The inside has all the information on each product but I was captured by this stunning view. Can’t wait to experience this destination via some great spa rituals!

Siam Botanicals Organic Facial Kit All natural ingredients and this stuff smells great. I loved it! The tag is even in Thai but there are complete directions included. I will be using this box in my bathroom to store things once this runs out!

This kit included a face serum, cleanser, coconut sugar scrub, toning mist, and a washcloth.

Serevana Jasmine Bar Soap Made with shea butter, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, rice bran oil, and jasmine essential oil. This soap smelled fantastic, was very luxurious, and even the wrapping amde me happy!

Harnn Cymbopogon Body Souffle & Body Wash Another totally amazing scent! This was a very light moisturizer, which I appreciated, because it soaked right in & didn’t sit on my skin. The lemongrass & hibiscus scent was really intoxicating. I’m smelling myself now.

Breathe Mini Dew Drop Diffuser I loved this! It’s so gorgeous! The oil diffuses up the cotton into the flower! And it changes color! Amazing! Plus the scent is frangipani and I think I’d totally forgotten what it smells like. I love this so much it’s sitting right above me at the computer.

Asia Herb Association Plai Herbal Hot Ball I have never seen anything like this, I think it’s awesome. You heat it in the microwave and roll it on your body to release tension (like you would a tennis ball, but this is WAY better!). You can get 15-20 uses out of this ball. It has camphor in it so it should be actually effective in releasing muscle aches.

Breathe Diffuser Just a quick photo update to show what the diffuser looks like as the oil wicks through it. it’s amazing! It smells so fantastic and when the oil has been depleted, I’m going to stash it in my closet to scent everything. It’s so so so brightened my day!

This was a totally absolutely fabulous box, I was really wowed! I really loved how every single item in the box was its own gift and could be opened & enjoyed separately or together to create a complete spa experience. I totally felt transported to Thailand with this box and I was impressed how the scents and textures overlaid each other instead of being all the same. Everything was totally unique and I absolutely recommend this box. Plus I can stash my stuff in the great tote bag for when I want to have my spa day again!As promised, I have a giveaway! Sparaj is giving away this pre-launch box to one reader. 18+, US only, ends 9/30 at 11:59pm!
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Sparaj sent me this subscription box for my review. I was so excited to be able to review this new spa box! I think everyone has really been begging for the spa ritual/experience niche to be filled and Sparaj is a wonderful wonderful box! Trying new products is great, but it is really way more…



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  • Paulette

    looks amazing! I blame you for getting me addicted to another subscription box! November was sold out though, I got the December box…that’s a long time to wait!

  • krista

    I work on my feet so I would say pedicure for sure!

  • Miss Jane

    Pedicures! all the way! 🙂

  • katielebeda

    Massages. One can never have to many.

  • Megan Parsons

    I like manicures!

  • Angie Scotto

    As a Mommy to 2 special needs children this is a welcome treat as I dont pamper myself much

  • wendy b

    It would have to be a nice massage.

  • Lisa Dion

    I live massages!

  • Misty Marie Battle

    I love nice massage or facial!

  • kacee hammer

    A nice relaxing exfoliating facial is the bombdotcom!

  • Shauna

    My all-time fave spa treatment is a hot stone massage. Sooooo relaxing!


  • Andrea Fleming

    The whole bag looks fantastic. I love pedicures and facials, and would have loved to try the skincare on my super sensitive skin. It’s beautiful!

  • laura maya


  • PGT

    I absolutely love pedicures!

  • greg

    never been to a spa, but im sure a face mask would be fun

  • Kassie H

    I love scrubs and facial masks!

  • a.albinger

    Oh my gosh, this box totally reminds me of when we lived in Korea. I love relaxing stress relievers and my absolute favorite spa treatment is a pedicure just because!

  • Victoria

    This box looks amazing! I love pedicures, especially when it included a hot stone massage.

  • Mer W.

    the Sparaj box looks so well crafted and sumptuous. Most every woman would love a day at a spa and Sparaj looks like a great way to achieve that level of high quality products and experience at home. I would love to try Sparaj and give myself a mommy spa-at-home day. Good Luck to all. and to Sparaj on a hopefully successful new subscription box.

  • Jill Banks Geraci


  • Tara

    Massages! But pretty much anything at a spa will make me happy! This box looks awesome wish it wasent sold out!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite treatment is massage! And my least favorite is exfoliating-OUCH!

  • tabitha drugan

    For me a full body 90min. massage is the best and not to be rude but no talking just peace and quiet….oh my goodness that sounds so good.

  • anna

    massage…the longer, the better

  • dancer4one

    I love massages!! Pedicures would be a close second! I love it when I go to get a pedicure and they have those really nice massage chairs!!

  • Carla

    I love pedicures! I can express myself but still be work appropriate.

  • Jamie

    I love to get pedicures!

  • Sharon

    i love massages at the spa

  • Helga

    I havent been to a spa in years, Calistoga CA mud baths!

  • Kyle Hammond

    Love this too!!! Hope I get drawn.

  • Casandra

    Love this!

  • Rachel O.

    I love spa pedicures.

  • Rebecca Moulton

    All of them!! Facials, massages, pedicures and the works! I could live at the spa 🙂

  • Nicole Lancaster

    My favorite spa treatment is a nice relaxing massage.

  • Amanda S

    I love pedicures!

  • evelynchuter

    I love a nice massage. Facial’s and Pedicures are cool too. I think that hot fragrant ball that you rub on your muscles sounds awesome!

  • Mer

    Facials are my favorite spa treatment.

  • M.Clark

    My favorite spa treatment is a facial.

  • Tanya

    Love this review, hooked already! I am excited about the cute diffuser and hot ball, and everything else is a plus! Thanks for the discount code, I’m going to subscribe—-but I would still love to win—double the fun 🙂

  • Barbara Bradford

    Massage is my all time favorite….

  • Amy G

    I love facials.

  • Julie

    I would love to try this box. I love pedis and massages!

  • Mary

    I love anything that smells good. If it makes me look and/or feel good at the same time, that is even better 🙂

  • Emily

    My favorite spa treatment is a long, hot bath with organic oils and lavender added to the water.

  • Natalie

    I have to get a breath diffuser! It is just gorgeous! Thanks for the give away!

  • Ally @Ambitious in LA

    Massages are hands down my favorite spa treatment. Followed up by a sugar scrub!

  • Missy Marie

    I love facials!!

  • wendy wallach

    i like facials

  • Darla T.

    Being older, I’m finding while the “girl” side of me loves subscription boxes, they really are not that great. THIS one on the other hand, well I think it was meant for me. I’ve faved their site, and will definitely be ordering. I’m really glad you reviewed this.

    • Brandy

      Oh yeah that just means you haven’t found exactly the right box!! This is totally what I meant by filling a niche that was screaming to be filled! All experience, no food, books, makeup, doodads, just luxury spa experience!

  • Desiree

    Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway – I’m enjoying your blog!

  • Ksenia

    Foot spa and massage

  • Helen Whaley (@helenwheels24)

    That Breathe diffuser is just sooo cool!

  • Britney Compton

    I have never really had a spa treatment….maybe nails for a wedding, but that is it!

  • lynn m.

    i love any spa treatment! i wish i could find some of the stuff in that box, or winning it would be even better

  • senny

    I love a relaxing back massage!

  • Jennifer frank-lopez

    My best girlfriends & I go on a girls weekend once a year to the spa in Hershey Pa. My favorite treatment there would have to be my cocoa facial. Not only does it feel great but it smells amazing!!! October needs to hurry up & get here!!

  • Meredith

    I really love the wrapping on the box! It’s like you’re getting a pretty gift.

    My favorite spa activities are pedicures and hot stone massages. So relaxing!

  • Tuesday C

    I absolutely love the way a really intense facial makes my skin feel! ♥ Makes me feel like a whole new woman sometimes…LOL

  • Rachel S.

    Hot stone massages <3 LOVE.

  • Dawn

    A one hour massage is my ultimate spa treatment but just after that I love a deep cleansing facial.

  • Jean Eckert

    I love to have a spa day that includes a massage and a facial! Nothing more relaxing 🙂

  • Breanna

    I love heat thereapy things similar to the hot ball above as they are great stress and tension relievers

  • Natasha Stroud Hoover

    Definitely facials and microderm!!

  • Misty Marie Battle

    Awesome!! I hope I win…this looks so great.

  • Elisha Barrows

    I love all of the spa stuff, Manis, Pedis, Facials! I love them all <3

  • Diana Vuong

    I love facials and whole body massages with aroma therapy and manicures and pedicures.

  • Jodi Hodges

    This box looks so awesome! I can’t wait!

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    Love Pedicures!! 🙂

  • Alena

    Facials! My Fav!

  • Kelsey Nelson

    I love pedicures!