September Love With Food Review: Regular vs Deluxe Size Comparison

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When Love with Food announced its new deluxe-sized box, I signed up! I ended up with both the regular and the large size this month and it allowed me to compare the two of them. The new deluxe box is $19.95 per month and contains a lot more food.

The Subscription: Love with Food
The Description: Love with Food is a gourmet sampling and discovery subscriptionbox filled with 8+ gourmet treasures centered around a monthly theme. The deluxe box contains 16-20 items.
The Price: $12 (regular) or $19.95 (deluxe) per month
The Coupon: Get your first box for just $5. Use code FB7OFF.

September 2013 Love with Food Ming Tsai Curated Box

Info Cards I got two cards, and one is larger than the other. The boxes were not exactly the same and the cards reflected that. However, the graphic was, and it was a reminder that Love with Food donates meals to kids in need.

The Deluxe Box ($19.95) I opened this one first. Hooray. I liked the food in this month’s box(es) so much more than last month. I feel like I got a ton of snacks. That being said, I felt many of these items were duplicates from other boxes, and there wasn’t a whole lot new. I was disappointed not to try another flavor of the awesome Cosmo Creations.

Deluxe Box Contents I felt that 4 sipping broths was probably a little overboard. I was bummed to see only one hummus. I thought the inclusion of only one Chick.Pz was fine. The Cherry Berry nut free cookies are awesome, but I almost cracked a tooth on a cherry pit.

The regular box! ($12) I almost felt that I liked this box better! Is that weird? While I totally appreciated having doubles in the other box because of the kids, I got OrganicaSaurus in this box, and the Dipin Pepper & Artichoke Bruschetta.

Side by Side And this is the difference in the box sizes. The large one felt like an entire hamper of food. Obviously my kids glommed onto the dino snacks & fruit snacks right away. And we have a ton of snacks available and I’m really happy about that!

I’m not sure which Love with Food box I’m going to continue with. The Deluxe box was billed as 16-20 new snacks a month, and I expected 16-20 new snacks. I got (counting the different flavors of chips) 11 new snacks and 18 items. I think I just expected a little bit more or a little bit different out of this box. I would have loved to have received the items in the regular Love with Food in the Deluxe. I think it would’ve been just right.

What do you think?

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  • Ryan @ Fox Tales and Ponytails

    Hmmm… interesting about the larger box. It for the most part just looks like two of the same stuff in the regular box, with some older stuff like the bean chips thrown in… This may be their version of the Julep mystery boxes where they use these to clean out the clutter each month! LOL!

  • jvergin

    Those OrganicaSaurus are so good! I already ordered more!