It’s Monday! Babysitter Woes! And cool midnight deal.

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Yeah, today is like the definition of Monday. I had class tonight, which means the kids were with a sitter. I got this text: “So A got jelly all over the kitchen floor then decided to step in it and go to her room. ” Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! How did she have jelly to begin with? What was the sitter doing while my precious angel was stomping jelly all over my house… WITH FRESHLY CLEANED CARPETS?!?! This sitter last week we had an issue with, she sent me texts all night long that my daughter was crying and uncooperative.

And I know we all believe our kids are angels. Mine isn’t – she does plenty of crazy stuff, plenty – but she just… isn’t like that.

When I got home tonight, on top of the jelly thing, the jelly wasn’t wiped up and put back in the fridge, poop was in the little potty, and the sitter was just SITTING there while the kids facetimed with dad… meanwhile there was an entire ball of yarn literally cut up in half inch pieces all over my floor.

I mean, really. Needless to say, the sitter isn’t coming back next week. I have never had this experience before but I’m listening to my gut!

Ok, other stuff that you might want to know about.

I got into Sircle Samples tonight, which is some sort of beauty sampling program I heard about on MUT. I don’t know if it’s any good, but here’s my invite link. I think it took me 6 months to get in or something completely nuts.

You can register at midnight for a free Style Box of Joy from USPS. It’s only for the first 5,000 and the server is going to be swamped! Good luck snagging one!mainbanner-stylebox

My dog has received her Kasten Pets box and reports are that she is very happy. My husband insists on bathing her before taking a photo, so it may be a few days before we see a photo. He doesn’t want the world to see what my dog looks like every day? I promise she’s adorable. Miss her sweet little dog face.

I know I’m getting Plated tomorrow, and thank goodness for that, because I might just lose it if I have to grocery shop. (BTW the Blue Apron deal expires at like 9 or 10 in the morning, so if you want it, get it now!) Because tonight I’m mixing up some oxygen bleach, pouring it on the carpet, and plopping myself in front of the tv. I know I will get other boxes, and I have a load of craft boxes to review, but tonight.. is totally NOT the night. Thanks for letting me vent internet friends! Oh, and I probably added new boxes to the directory. I have more. I can only do so many. See jelly/yarn madness above.


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  • Ally

    I had to follow up on the SircleSamples. I used your link and got accepted within 24 hours!

  • Ally

    I have to ask… how old is the babysitter?

      • Ally

        Okay, that’s just plain ridiculous then. It’d be one thing if it was an immature 16 year old who just doesn’t get it. I’m shocked. Gosh.

        • Brandy

          Yeah, I paid serious money for my house to get trashed. I just interviewed a new one, she’s my age.

  • glennerallyspeaking

    Wow! I would flip if that happened to me with a babysitter! I’m sorry you had a bad experience 🙁

  • Julie

    Thanks for the tip/link for SircleSamples – can’t wait to try this!!