August iBBeautiful Teen & Tween Subscription Box Review & GIVEAWAY!

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I’m so excited about iBbeautiful! It’s a subscription box for teens & tweens and I think it’s such a great box for this age group! It’s $18 a month, or $28 with a t-shirt. I ordered a tween box with a shirt (size small!) for my 4 year old August iBBeautiful Teen & Tween Subscription Box Review & GIVEAWAY! photo I suspected that she’d love it, and I was totally right! I did spend some time teaching in a middle school, and I can tell you, everything in iBbeautiful would absolutely be a hit for your tween or teen girl.

I’m also excited to bring you a giveaway for one iBbeautiful box (teen or tween)! Find it at the end of this post!
August iBBeautiful Teen & Tween Subscription Box Review & GIVEAWAY! photo

The Subscription: iBbeautiful
The Description: Choose a box with or without the graphic tee and specify teen or tween age range. Products range from lip gloss, nail art, hair products, accessories such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. iBbeautiful’s slogan is “b unique, b happy, b you,” which is adorable and perfect for a teen or tween girl.
The Price: $18 or $28 with graphic tee per month

August 2013 iBbeautiful Be Happy

The box I thought was very teen-friendly with the stamped logo and pink duct tape wrapped around it. My daughter said, “It’s my favorite color! Pink!” Which she says every single time she sees something pink.

Info card & Be Happy Insert I thought the Be Happy insert was great. Teens don’t always want to hear these things from their parents, or even their peers, but they love listening to messages that come from media sources (whether it’s a magazine or subscription box!).

pretty yum thing My Reflection Rules Face Wash ($10) I was psyched to get this paraben and everything else free face wash for my daughter (and my son!). Their faces get grubby and I like to use face cleanser that is as gentle as possible. My daughter felt super grown up using this face wash, and so would a teen girl! There was also a coupon for 20% off at!

Think Happy Be Happy Magnet ($5) I loved this magnet and she did too! It’s adorable, has a great message, and guess what, it’s SUPER STRONG! Your middle schooler can use it on the inside of her locker.

Charmed Inspiration Star Necklace The back of this necklace says “Believe!” I think it’s a fantastic positive message for kids. My daughter loved it and I had to make her take it off for bed.

You’re Beautiful Don’t Change Coin Purse ($4) Girls love little accessories and I’m impressed that iBbeautiful found a positive message on every single item they included. Plus there was a penny to give away! Like every child, my kids are obsessed with zipper purses.

Don’t Mess With My Happy T-Shirt ($10) This was a GREAT shirt! It was really super soft, had a cute design. It’s navy blue, not black. My daughter is happily using it as a sleep shirt. I was really impressed with the quality of the shirt for a $10 add on. I tried not to mess with my daughter’s happy when she stole my lip gloss.

I loved this box, thought it was fabulous! Can’t imagine a tween who wouldn’t be thrilled with it!

iBbeautiful is giving away one tween or teen box to a reader! Awesome! Just enter the giveaway for a chance to win!

I want to be totally clear about this giveaway. It is only for people aged THIRTEEN AND UP. If you are younger than that, you must have a PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN enter the giveaway for you. The intended audience of this website is for adults, but I’m letting people aged thirteen and up enter the giveaway. US only, 13+, ends 9/28 at 3am Eastern.

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  • Darlene Carbajal

    makeup! 🙂

  • axyaLinh

    I would like to see more hair ties

  • axyaLinh

    This box is soo cute

  • Kirsty HOlland

    This box is perfect! My tween daughter has been asking me to see if I could find a box ‘just for her’ 😉 I’d love to see more gentle cleansers etc. Thank you!

  • Nicole Lancaster

    I would like to see a pretty journal and a hair accessory in iBbeautiful Teen/Tween Subscription Box.

  • aleighd

    My 9 year old daughter would totally dig a “tween” box. – Would love to see inspirational / uplifting music (singles or the like).

  • Katie Bellamy

    Hair ties.

  • axyaLinh


  • Vanessa

    nail polish or body scrub.

  • amanda whitley


  • phaedra

    Journals are always good and seasonal items make marking the year fun!

  • anna

    a cute journal

  • Tamarae

    accessories and school supplies that are cute but not too childish

  • Tanya

    Stickers, stationary, girly pens/pencils, post cards, bangles, hair clips and elastics, key fobs, keychains, sweet treats, healthy treats, endless possibilities!

  • Tanya

    Cutesy stationary, postcards, stickers, girly pens/ pencils, something sweet like chocolate or a lollipop, water bottle, earrings, bangles, key chains, shoelaces, backpack and purse key fobs, hair elastics, lip gloss, nail polish, healthy snacks…….movie/cd sample…….endless ideas!

  • jennie sanderson @jenpsht

    maybe some stationary or something like that

  • Melissa

    i love anything from Natural Life

  • ronda h

    My daughter loves lip gloss and an art project would be nice, mini scrap book

  • kelly

    something we never heard of before and mini sized products

  • katielebeda

    Cute stationary for note passing. Old school!

  • Amanda S

    You can never have enough hair accessories or lotions!

  • Elisha Barrows

    BBF stuff 🙂 My daughter would LOVE this box!

  • krista jean

    Lip gloss and jewelry

  • K. Davis

    Natural nail polishes, similar to piggy paint polishes would be nice. Also natural scrubs.

  • Samantha L.

    Hair stuff that’s a little fancy for teens… maybe a mini art project to share with a friend.

  • Odessa Scruggs

    BFF bracelets, neutral color lip gloss, sunscreen, mints or gum( for after lunch, but not in class…lol) small pamphlets or books on becoming a woman?

  • Peggy Sippin

    Great items to include for a teen: magnets, jewelry, shower gel, hair products, lip gloss, perfume, hand sanitizer, lotions, change purse, craft kit, pens and notepads (journal), key chains, and on and on!

  • stella

    My girls are very girly, so any jewelry would be a hit.

  • stella

    I would like to see two of everything, for my twins!

  • jasmine

    decorations for iphones

  • Angela

    I would like to see a easy quick craft kit to make a phone case or simple bracelet that a tween or teen might like but super fun and quick.

  • jessica

    period suplies…just in case

  • thatsmoneyblog

    Fun school supplies would be awesome! Pens, notebooks, sticky notes, and other backpack-ready gear!

  • Misty Lunceford

    Bath products, notebooks, hair stuff

  • Ksenia Keplinger

    Pink hairbows

  • Julia Cosgrove

    Cute nail products and eyeshadow sets.

  • Shirisha Prodduturi

    Showergel and bracelets.

  • siannaj

    Hair bows

  • Monica

    Nail stickers!

  • Gabriella

    Hair goodies – detangler, fun colors for hair, accessories.

  • bethany

    hair stuff-always in need of that

  • Wehaf

    I think cute notecards, hand or body lotion, slippers or fun socks, and crafty supplies would all be great additions.

  • lisa Taylor

    My daughter would absolutely LOVE this gift box, lipgloss, headbands, crafts, funky cute jewelry! 🙂

  • lisa Taylor

    Something crafty, make a bracelet set or something! 🙂

  • Helen Whaley

    I’d love to see some sort of mini craft project in the girl’s box.

  • Dawn

    Hair accessories are always good for girls. I also think a sample size nail polish in an age appropriate color would be great.

  • Jennifer Pittman

    Keychains for keys or backpack, maybe school related stuff like an after school snack, or even a craft they can make with a friend or share – like a neat bracelet

  • Renee Richardson

    I would love to see journals, stationary and pens. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂


  • Diana Vuong

    I like to see sweets, such as cookies and brownies.

  • Sharon

    Cute stationary like little notebooks or gel pens.

  • tina page

    hair clips and nail polish

  • Jennifer frank-lopez

    I’d love to see some hair ties or a headband. I’m thinking about ordering this for my niece for her birthday & she is so into hair accessories & sparkle right now lol.

  • hugsandcupcakes

    we got last months tween box, and my daughter didn’t like it (It made her cry)–it was full of lip gloss and nail polish and face cleanser, so I canceled for the time being, even though I REALLY wanted to love this service. This month’s box looks much better. I’d love to see less makeup/face stuff for the tweens and more fun/positive things. They’re beautiful the way they are! The shirt is super cute!

  • Robin O (@rkosully)

    I would love to see a cool journal with guided reflections on dreams and plans and more.

  • Anne B.

    Cute bracelets, hair accessories.

  • Jamie Diekman

    I agree with others, face cleansors, sunblock, cute bright color accesories.

  • Gina F.

    I am down for some lipgloss!

  • Melissa McConnell


  • Bambi

    face scrubs and nail stickers

  • Senny

    shower gel or a lotion from the beauty side, cute pens would be great for teens to take with them to school

  • Jill G.

    Notebooks, diary, book, nail polish, skin care

  • Helen Rowland

    some sugar scrubs!

  • Missy Marie

    Lip gloss:)

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    Some cute hair accessories! 🙂

  • Jean Eckert

    Face cleansers made specifically for tweens!