Thursday Thoughts

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Time for Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer!

Giveaways: Popsugar Fall Giveaway. For the big special edition box! And also Sweet Pea Kids’ Clothing! If you are a mother or know anyone with kids… Go enter!

I loved Alena’s post about Miley Cyrus and what we want our kids to think is ok for them.

Thoughts: I am REALLY cranky today (Wednesday night). Everything is kind of ticking me off. It’s hot here (unless it’s winter it’s always hot in VT), there’s no AC, I am stinky and sticky and want to be in a temperature controlled environment. And I don’t feel like blogging and I hate the name of my blog. Seriously I totally hate it. But I can’t change it. I feel like changing it anyways.

Did I mention I totally stopped by Costco here? I love Costco and go every chance I get. I bought muffins. And I’d also like to share with you that I have shopped at 17 different Costcos. I am REALLY SERIOUS about Costco you guys!

It’s 10:20pm and my son is still awake. That would be so uncool, but he’s playing with dad. I’ll let it slide!

My son finally decided to start talking. He’s singing a song right now and despite my total crankiness, I guess everything is good!

And ummmmm I totally just forgot how old I am. 35. 35 brandy. sheesh.

Jennifer at Mom’s Got Mail asks about Honest Company. I have tried a TON of Honest company products but the stain remover is something I haven’t tried!! I need to switch up my bundle and add that in for sure! These are all my honest essentials reviews. What is your favorite?? They are always coming out with new smells. I love smelly stuff!!

I really need to finish my blog reorganization today. But we are going to the state fair I think? Have a good vacation weekend everyone!!!


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  • Catherine

    I like the name of your blog.. Although I get it.. It’s a huge commitment, isn’t it?

  • Glenna

    I keep thinking I am 27, but I am not. I’m 29, so I’m not that far off, but most times I am super convinced I’m 27. Sigh.

    • Brandy

      I am still convinced I am 25. MIL’s hard as a rock bed and resulting stiffness… Wow I am not young anymore!