Thursday Thoughts

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Time for Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer!

Giveaways:  Congrats to Helen & Andrea, winners of new DoggieLawn. Let me tell you, we had some HILARIOUS comments on that contest.  Go check them out. Cracking up! Everyone really went all out on telling stories about their most memorable dog potty moment.

Open still: Popsugar Fall Giveaway. For the big box! And also Sweet Pea Kids’ Clothing! If you are a mother or know anyone with kids… Go enter!

Thoughts: YouTube is only showing me videos today from people with British accents. That’s cool.

I have 300 flagged emails in my inbox. I should get on that.

I just was getting out my clothes and was all excited about maybe wearing pants again and I realized that all the pants in my closet have to be ridiculously huge.

My bottom earring holes always try to close up on me, but my second holes never do, even though I haven’t worn earrings in them in YEARS. Why is that anyways?

I’m sorta caught up on reviews. I only have 5 left?? No six. To be fair, 4 of them are craft related and I need time to do them!  One of them I made a video of! I sure hope I get better at this. Can we pretend that my bra isn’t falling down and I look bald? Did I mention that baby fine hair? (over and over again I know, but it’s really true!). And that I’m totally lazy and making a video is WAY easier than writing a blog post?!?! I have pretty much resolved to buy some sort of background. Oh yeah I say it in the video but that box is a review box. Obviously. Because they aren’t shipping until September. Coupons underneath the video on Youtube or on my coupon list!


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  • a.albinger

    Sounds like a hectic & hilarious Thursday…. Also sounds like you’ll get your boxes caught up just in time for next months reviews. Have a happy Friday. 🙂

    • Brandy

      oh no, i’ll be caught up by the weekend. i was lazy last week & didn’t blog for 2 days. WTH was that all about?!?! I don’t know what I was thinking!

      • a.albinger

        A subconscious mini-vacay?

  • Jennifer V

    I am awful at my craft box reviews! I have For the Makers that I need to work on. Totally OT, but what happened with the job?

    • Brandy

      ugh i haven’t even had time to go say hey to TT people this week. I didn’t get the job. I am pretty bummed about it! So I’m continuing with grad school! Hooray!! And obviously an insane amount of blogging!

      This week has been ALL kids crafts and I wish they wouldn’t all come at once. I think I’ll get to Project DIY this weekend. I have Lullubee too but I’m taking it to Vermont maybe? We’ll see how far I get on everything. I have all the reviews I did today plus 3 more tonight. I think I’ll probably get through 2 of them.