Thursday Thoughts

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Time for Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer!

… Thoughtted out…

ok, not really!!

I put up a DoggieLawn Giveaway this morning! If you have a dog go enter! Oh and I added a small referral prize for the Popsugar Fall Giveaway!

This annoyed me! One of my Goodies box comments was held for moderation.. because I mentioned Costco and Walmart. I am waiting to see the outcome… they rejected one that I said “crap” in (seaweed).  I don’t think I’m getting Goodies for August because of my credit card issues (citibank hacking). Oh well. I’ll get a case of granola bars at Costco. Also Blissmo has a deal up on Plum District:  Snack box for $9 (pay 99c shipping). (RP: $25/month, my referral link).

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 10.53.59 PM

My kids didn’t destroy stuff this week. YES!  My daughter asked for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Painting app. So I got it. The kids have had so much fun with it! They play it together and it’s so sweet! Do you have any awesome apps to share? The app was not responsible for the lack of destruction, we only got it yesterday.

We also got our Plated box on Tuesday! First plate was a success! More soon! You can also see our spin art from July Happy Trunk in the background.


My coconut flour doughnuts have been soooo popular I would like to make another flavor. Any suggestions? 

Yesterday’s removal of my iPhoto library to an external drive went swimmingly and my macbook is super fast again!

My daughter thinks she’s the awesomest carrying my phone around in this (from JLH Fancy Box). And she is!!! IMG_0227

I don’t normally get FabKids. I might this month. In my inbox this morning! I might die of squee. (referral link)

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 9.02.13 AM

Yep, thoughts mostly about shopping. Time to get the kids ready for a great day!

aaaand right before I posted: Julep Mystery Box is out!  It’s the Picnic box with Evie. Evie is “Fresh-picked raspberry crème with gold shimmer.” I’m a little polished out right now, so I think I’ll skip it! I’m out of storage space for my polish!

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 9.17.59 AM


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  • tiffany

    I recently ditched a lot of my older polishes, and I’m mostly just wearing Julep polishes now, too! Do you ever do (SIMPLE) nail art? I’d love to see some ideas for the toes….ideas that people with NO skills can do, that is! 🙂

    • Brandy

      i am going to have to expand past my current dotting. i’ll figure out something!! i am a NO SKILLS mom too, but we gotta make the babies happy, right?

  • Jennifer V

    What Plated meal did you make? We had the chicken pasta tonight. It was quite good. And I am going to have to win that PopSugar giveaway with only 6 entries because that’s all I felt like doing!

    Oh and I loved that Happy Trunk spin art project! That was a good one!

    • Brandy

      Yeah, I made the PS giveaway like super ghetto on purpose. But it’s random, so whatever! Anyone can win. We had the chicken carbonara too. We had enough left over for tonight too!


    My daughter’s just got the Palace Princess Pets, it is the princesses and their pets. It was free. My 7 and 9 year old both like it. No reading required though.

  • Leah

    I love that dress!!! Soooo cute!! Something I would have totally bought for my daughter!