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Time for Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer! Yeah!

I’m all giveawayed out. I don’t have any running right now. Taking a couple days before posting the next one I have!

  • sometimes i don’t buy a food item for a long time, then i buy it again, and my kids are like ZOMG WE CAN ONLY EAT THAT ONE FOOD!! right now it’s yogurt.
  • we didn’t go to costco to get oranges yesterday. because my kids poured black paint all over my teak table while i was in the bathroom. last week they broke the protective glass top. DUDELINGS THIS IS NOT OK.
  • after speech therapy today, target for a plastic tablecloth (oxymoron) and costco for oranges (the oranges are for the juicer from july’s tyler florence fancy box). and more coke zero. i have 2 cases right now but what if it’s raining later? i get one most every time i go. i know, i’m nuts.
  • apparently lots of people think i make lots of money on my site. i don’t. especially since i just dumped a bunch of money on moving it. i totally lost money in july. it’s fun and i get free stuff (which is taxable yo. and you have to claim the MSRP on it. but not on referral freebies but that’s like a coupon. ask your tax lawyer for more details BECAUSE I AM NOT ONE but you should be tracking everything you get and claiming it as income!). but i don’t make money. if you like to shop, use my links, because i’ll get a little bit when you do.
  • i added category dropdowns to my review page. i like the one main page but someone asked for it. there it is. while i was there i *squeezed* in links on the main menu bar and you can find the places i like to shop (all referral sites, duh) and the stuff i sell. and the boxes that i personally subscribe to.
    • and if you shop my referral links maybe someday i can afford to replace the lamp that my children destroyed. are you sensing a theme here? they are like whirlwinds of destruction. don’t forget the blinds last week.
  • i hope you got in on that plated deal yesterday especially after seeing jennifer’s delicious noms. i can’t wait to review it! i’d better get my latest hello fresh review out first!
  • i am also ticked because my internet is down at 2:15.
  • i have this tracking sheet of my box reviews & blog posts and it’s full up to Sunday already and it’s only 2am on Thursday. I have 6 reviews to write still. Instead of me listing them out, just subscribe to my blog via email so you get them all. Or RSS. And update your links while you’re at it:
  • i personally LOVE the new gmail inbox. i have a really hard time filtering all my facebook crap and now gmail does it for me! i need to see some of it but a lot of it is south hill designs stuff

speaking of, at 3am or whatever i decided i should be glamping. i think i might be nuts! (read the post for the explanation)



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