The Bouqs Review – Flower Bouquet Subscription Service

The Bouqs sent me a flower bouquet for my review! Gorgeous! The links in this post may be affiliate links. Read full disclosure

The Bouqs sent me a flower bouquet for my review! Gorgeous!

The Bouqs is a flower bouquet delivery service. All “Bouqs” are $40 (although you can double and triple your bouq for a huge splash of flowers!) and there are forty bouquets to choose from. I have bought flowers online before and been unhappy. Too many choices, too much crap in the bouquets.  You just want some pretty flowers, right?  The Bouqs has this video (that is so funny )  that starts with “sending flowers online SUCKS.” I thought that was hilarious and totally true. They make it simple by curating the bouquets available so you aren’t overwhelmed and not adding any crap like cheap teddy bears or bad candy. The ordering process is super simple and they aren’t trying to get you to buy anything else besides a Bouq!

You can get your flowers by single Bouq deliveries or you can get regular flower delivery services (all the way down to weekly!). You can also schedule your Bouqs on the “never forget service” for anniversaries and such. (Forward this post to your husband!)  You can use code BOUQLOVE (all caps required!) to get 10% off your first delivery. I was sent a double Bouqs!  Although this was a review package I tested out the checkout and it is very easy to order just the Bouq you want and set it for future delivery.

Flowers for the Bouqs are grown on an active volcano in South America (That means lots of sun and really healthy soil!) and sent from the farm to your door. The Bouqs says it sources only from eco-friendly and sustainable farms and pays living wages to its farmers. I think that’s totally awesome!

Double Bouq Desperado Review

Bouqs are shipped right to you from the farm via FedEx. You can see right on the box they have to go through customs! It means they aren’t sitting around waiting for someone to buy them – they’re cut and shipped for your schedule so they are as fresh as possible.

bouqs outer package

I admit my kids acted up the day we received the flowers and these didn’t go into a vase until the next afternoon. Didn’t matter at all, they were as fresh as could be! When I opened the package I was pleased to see a nice large message card instead of a handscrawled 5 word sentence. There is plenty of room to send a thoughtful note with your Bouq.
bouqs first look
My kids were so excited they tore into the box and carried the flowers around. I was really surprised to see their reaction to flowers, I didn’t realize that they would enjoy this simple pleasure as much as we seem to!books second look
Very simple instructions were printed on the inner lid of the Bouqs package: fill the vase and mix in the included flower food, gently remove the flowers, which were wrapped carefully around both the flowers, and bagged on the stems, snip the stems, remove the lower leaves, and add water every other day. bouqs instructions
I cut off the stems and placed them in the vase. So you can get an idea of just one Bouq, here’s how huge these flowers are!



just one bouq


This bouquet was so abundant I really had to pack them in to get both bouquets in this vase. I was so impressed, and with flowers, more is more!  Double bouqs are only $10 extra and totally worth it!


These flowers graced our table for weeks. These photos were taken at 1 & 2 weeks out.

pretty in pink bouqs

I really loved how the deep purple edging on the flowers deepened over time! I loved looking at these flowers every day and seeing the calming effect they had on my kids. Bringing some nature inside is important and the Bouqs is a really wonderful and beautiful way to do it! I was so impressed with the service that I’ll absolutely be using the Bouqs for my own flower gifting needs – and getting some for myself to enjoy! I didn’t realize how happy they made me until they were gone. At three weeks out they were done, but had aged so so beautifully with a wonderful vintage effect. I felt with the freshness of the flowers that I truly got every drop of value out of the flowers!beautiful bouqs

A very special delivery!IMG_0392


The Bouqs makes beautiful flowers simple. Choose a bouq of flowers, grown in rich South American soil, get beautiful flowers delivered. Simple ordering, no extra crap like bad candy or cheap vases.

00 per box

Get 10% off your first order. Use coupon code WELCOME10.


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  • a.albinger

    Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous and you’re right the video was hilarious! I will have to remember this one for my mom in the future. In a past life she was a florist and would love this idea, plus I love that the Bouqs sources only from eco-friendly and sustainable farms and pays living wages to its farmers. That’s awesome!

    • Brandy

      They were just stunning, weren’t they??? I picked up some “pinkalicious” stuff at Party City and we actually had a pink party! With pink cookies, pink lemonade, and of course, pink roses! I doused them with a bunch of water a couple of times, but otherwise I didn’t tend to them at all. I love gardening and all that, but I’m sort of terrible at it. Flowers work for me!

  • a.albinger

    I think a pink party in summer sounds absolutely lovely! Nice that you didn’t have to do much to them either. I hear you on the gardening… but I do love being able to cook with fresh veggies out of my yard!

  • Gretchen Gardener

    Well, here’s a different opinion; I *paid* $60 for a deluxe bouquet from the (vs getting one free for review), and I received a stingy, measly, half wilted bunch of dismal flowers with 6 of the promised 20 buds snapped off in shipping. Company won’t do anything about it. I could have had a prettier bunch of flowers from my local grocery store for $8. Buyer beware, I will never order from them again. No value, no customer service, completely wasted money. Very disappointed.

    • Brandy

      Well that is disappointing. I am sorry you had a bad experience. Fwiw when I get a Bouq to review I get a coupon and it’s placed like any other order.

    • thebouqs

      Hi Gretchen,

      My name is Kostas McDade, and I am the Marketing Manager over at The Bouqs Co. We’re so incredibly sorry that you had a bad experience! Let’s fix this. Please send me over the email address (you used for your account) and order number so I can look up the history of your account.


      [email protected]

  • Michael

    I will never order from them again. I gave them an honest try the first time was for my anniversary I ordered 12 roses. I waited patiently for them to arrive when they arrived they were not roses but Hydrangeas. I not sure if you have seen Hydrangeas but they are a puff ball flower that all be it some of them are beautiful these were not. They did give me a credit for it because hello not what I ordered. So I tried again I spent 70 dollars this time for 3 dozen roses for Valentines day. I know how busy Valentines day is so I ordered them on the 14th of January. I thought there should be no problem well the Monday before that i still hadn’t received tracking for the flowers so I emailed them because you can’t call. I got an email back saying they are being shipped and will be there on time. Well after 2 days of nothing I finally got an email saying not to be worried that fedex was having a system issue but would be delivered on time. I still haven’t received a tracking number at this point. So I emailed again they said its been sent out and will be delivered on time. Needless to say the flowers weren’t delivered on time and I had to buy flowers last minute that cost me over a hundred dollars because of the rate hike do to people not planning. Now they want to say it was due to weather when that had and want to give me a store credit. they have ruined 2 special days for him in the last 6 months no way i would trust them again.

  • John

    The Bouqs Company is the absolute worst flower delivery service I have ever tried. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY if you want to count on your recipient actually receiving your flowers.

    I was intrigued by their web site and their “story”, so I gave them a try this past Valentine’s Day. I decided to try their “Concierge” service, which they promoted boldly on their web site, because it offered the option to take care of my annual flower giving on V-Day automatically and I would save 10% in the process. I ordered an arrangement for my mom, my daughter and my wife and received a confirmation from The Bouqs. Valentine’s Day came and went and my wife never received the flowers. I decided to wait one more day because I thought, “hey maybe the crush of business backed up everything and it will show up on the 15th”. The 15th comes and goes and still no flowers. I sheepishly ask my daughter and mom if they received flowers, pretty certain of the answer. No flowers there either. I contacted The Bouqs to find out what happened and here is their response:

    “We are very sorry for what happened. The concierge services did not deliver any flowers because of an error in our software. We sincerely apologize for that. During Valentine’s Season we had a special delivery schedule and our concierge service could not handle it correctly. However this is of course not your problem but it we simply created a mess. We cannot express enough how much we are sorry.
    If there is something we can do at this point to remedy the situation, please let us know.
    Best, Team Bouqs”

    I was a taken aback that they hadn’t bothered to test their software before the biggest flower-giving day of the year. I was also disappointed that they didn’t offer some kind of compensation to make up for their obvious screw-up. But they did ask me if there was anything they could do to remedy the situation, so I offered this suggestion:

    “Yes what you can do to remedy the situation is ship the selections I made to my recipients at no charge to me. Failing that, please remove my name and standing orders from your Concierge Service and delete my contact information from email lists and sales contact software. Thank you.


    Here is their reply:

    “Following your mail.
    We have removed the concierge service and deleted your account.
    Again our apologies for what happened.
    Team Bouqs”

    Yeah, boy it sounds like they were really sorry… If they weren’t going to actually offer anything to “remedy the situation”, why did they bother to ask me? I call that rubbing salt in the wound. I guess The Bouqs calls that “customer service”. Here was my final message to them…

    “:A thumbnail of The Bouqs Company in action…
    1) Promote your new web-based flower delivery company with a “Concierge” service that is supposed make customer’s lives easier.
    2) Don’t bother to test your software to see if it works prior to perhaps the single biggest day of flower deliveries in the year- Valentine’s Day.
    3) Don’t bother to advise your customers that your software doesn’t work. Just wait for them to complain.
    4) When they do complain you tell them you are sorry that you screwed up and ask them “If there is something we can do at this point to remedy the situation, please let us know.”
    5) Your customer gives you an option to remedy the situation, gain back their trust and keep their business or sever the relationship and create a dissatisfied potential customer that will be sure to spread the word about their negative experience with The Bouqs to others. You choose the second option.

    If your mission was to create a textbook example of how not to run a company- you have succeeded. Congratulations and good luck.”

    Stylishly Social

    I too had a bad experience with TheBouqs, both as a customer and as a blogger like you. They didn’t follow through with what they had offered me in return for my review which was a bummer. I also ordered for my mother in law and the flowers showed up dead because she missed the first delivery and there was a heat wave. They were shipped without water or cold packs…which evidently they only do during the “warm summer months”. Every month is a warm summer month where they are shipped from in California! Same goes for Florida where my mother-in-law lives. I was denied a refund but offered just a $10 off coupon for a future order, no thanks, won’t be ordering again.

  • HeartlandHannah

    I too had a bad experience with and am glad your site at least has a place to record this since I’ve learned the remove all negative reviews from their website and all negative comments on their facebook page. I ordered my first bouq for mother’s day and it was absolutely beautiful. So beautiful I signed up for their every two week concierge service and prepaid for the full year. Big mistake. My first subscription item arrived today and it was horrible. Brown petals, droopy flowers, only 11 roses instead of a dozen and customer service was AWFUL. The chat kept disconnecting so I sent through their website contact form. They insist on a photo but their website couldn’t upload a photo – all i got was server errors. Their emails at first were quick but not helpful basically telling me to wait another day to see if they “perk up” and they would give me a small dollar voucher because of the missing flower. Based on the poor customer service I decided the Sharks were probably right and this is not a viable company so I asked them to cancel my year’s pre-paid subscription and refund the balance. Then they just ignored me even though I have email confirmations they received my messages. I called my credit card company who attempted to contact them by phone and found only an outbound phone message with no voicemail set up. Clearly they do not want to be contacted. So buyer beware – DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A LONG TERM COMMITMENT WITH THEM. From what I see they won’t be in business long enough to make good on a year’s worth of deliveries. So sad when it seemed like a great idea for a business : (

  • Frank Reese

    I too have had a negative experience. 50 dollars for a bouq sounds too good to be true, when they died 5 days later, I knew why.

    Then I tried to cancel another order due to arrive on Friday, and the customer service acted like there was no way to do so, yet Fed Ex didn’t recieve the package until the next day. Absolutely horrible.

    Avoid them. You might pay a little more for a local florist, but Bouqs will just take your money and deliver a poor product.

    • Carina Luwisch

      I am so glad to see that I am not the only one to have had a bad experience! I received two bouquets of flowers on Jan. 31st. Very wilted and something that I could have picked up at Trader Joes for under $5! My husband couldn’t believe how bad they were as he was there when they arrived. So I have waited a few days to see if they open. Nope! Not one of them! They still look terrible so I just sent an email to Customer Service with a picture since they appear to have no phone number and Live Chat is seasonal according to the website. Huh? I also went and posted about this on their Facebbok page. Guess what? Within two hours it was deleted! Unbelievable! Please do not support a company like this! I am now going to contact my Credit Card company.

      • susan

        im in the same boat as all of you. first order left in a shady neighborhood without signature, and they were stolen. resent a week later after fighting with fedex and the bouqs (second order was sent to a business address, with a receptionist, so no change of it getting lost). this order went missing in the mail about an hour after its scheduled delivery time. They were kind and reshipped them again. My friend finally got them today, and told me they are the worst flowers she has ever seen — totally dead and falling apart, like they were picked out of the garbage. i have never been so embarrassed about a gift i’ve given in my entire life. more embarrassed that i raved to friends about how great they were, and begged my own boyfriend to buy some for me for valentines day. thankfully, he hasnt placed the order yet, and he wont be wasting his money. so so sad.

  • Emily

    I ordered flowers for Mother’s Day and received an email on Friday night that the flowers would not be delivered on time. I was very upset as I had to spend $60 to send flowers and pay for delivery last minute on Mother’s day, but was somewhat placated when I received an email apologizing profusely and offered a $50 credit to my account. I used that credit to purchase flowers for my fiance’s mother, whose birthday is this week. However, the next day, the bouqs had charged my paypal account for the $50 flowers, instead of using my credit!! I was astonished that this company, in both of my interactions with them, had made *another* error, but figured it would be easily remedied. NOPE. I emailed them asking to take the charge off my account and use my credit instead, but their customer service REFUSED saying they could not reverse the charge because it had already been shipped. WHAT?! How is it my fault that you made an error and didn’t use my credit? I am waiting to hear back from a supervisor, hoping that clearer heads will prevail, and am considering filing a complaint with the BBB. This is ridiculous. I never would have purchased flowers with this company if I didn’t have a credit, and I am EXTREMELY upset to be out $50.

  • Marie

    you must have had a special order so they they’d get a good review! My flowers arrive brown and broken, and already opened, 3 years in a row!! No phone number, no easy way to contact them, and no satisfaction. Alto I appreciated the thought, I finally had to tell my sister, don’t waste your money. And when I posted a negative comment on their facebook page…big surprise-never got posted!

  • Leslie Marinaro

    Received flowers early for Mother’s Day from my daughter. Couldn’t believe they could get that many flowers in two little boxes! Followed directions and they were the best flowers I ever received. Fours weeks later thee are done. I just couldn’t believe how full and beautiful they were. Changed water frequently and had to remove some of the roses but they never drooped or wilted, just started losing pedals. I can’t beloved that cut flowers could last so long and will definitely order from them!

  • Leslie Marinaro

    Flowers, best I ever received . They lasted over three weeks and amazing how,they filled out. Will definitely will order from this company . Received these for Mothers Day!

  • Sylvan_Belle

    I know this is a late comment, but I have to say that I DON’T recommend this florist. I was going through a rough time, and my daughter sent me a double bouquet. I was so surprised and excited to see the box on my porch, but my heart sank because it was an over-90 degree day here in Missouri, and I thought to myself, “oh well, they probably have a cool pack/water in there somehow,” because that’s what other online flower deliveries had.
    I opened them, and they were so poorly wrapped – just crammed into plastic cello wrappers like you get cheap flowers in at the grocery store. No water. No cold packs. Just rubber bands. Of course, they were all wilted. Also there were two big stems of Hydrangea that had huge brown rust spots on them. There’s no way THAT happened in shipping! They were diseased.
    I put them in water, hoping for the best. Some of the flowers improved a little, but most were totally limp and dead by the next day.
    I agonized over whether to tell my daughter- she went to so much trouble, and I hated to seem like I was complaining, but I think this experience was inexcusable! I hated to think she spent so much money on this, with such good intentions, to get this kind of service.
    So, in short…DON’T BUY FLOWERS FROM BOUQ’S. It will be a very disappointing experience for you, whether you are the sender or the recipient.

  • D James

    I wish I had found this blog before wasting $60. What I got was nothing like the image. Flowers were small unopened buds that were wilted and foliage limp. Waiting to see what their response is but looking here it doesn’t look promising.

  • Debbie

    I just received the worst looking flowers for Mothers Day. You can get better flowers at WalMart for a fraction of the cost. They arrived wilted and the 3 roses that were in this DOUBLE bunch were dead. The rest if the bouquet was filler stems. How does this company stay in business.