Plated Fresh Food Subscription Review: August 6 Delivery

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This week was a Plated week! We have been getting Hello Fresh and mixed it up a little with some new tastes. I really like Plated – the meals are unique and there are some great aspects about the service that I really enjoy.IMG_8895

My Plated box came on Tuesday and was delivered by FedEx. It sat on my floor half the day before I could put it away, and it was really cold. This box is pretty compact and held everything neatly. The Plated produce was either green-bagged or zipper-bagged, and a layer of parchment separated the produce from the meat and ice packs, which I thought was a really nice touch!


Plated offers a meal selection in 2-plate increments. Select any of that week’s recipes, but order two plates at a time (minimum of four plates). They can all be from the same meal – this would be so great as a dinner party option. I love fresh food meal subscription boxes for times when I am busy, when my husband is in town (as a restaurant alternative), or when I have a guest, as I did this weekend!

Plated Subscription: Summer Vegetable Carbonara with Grilled Chicken

Our first Plated selection was this pasta dish. I made it for the kids & I last Wednesday and it was a really huge hit with all of us. I took a really unexciting video of the kids eating, let’s just trust that they slurped it right up.IMG_8896You can watch quick videos on the Plated website for a quick overview of the meal. I liked this because even though the recipe is step by step, it’s nice to get a birds eye view. Plus it got my kids interested!IMG_8827

All the ingredients for our Plated meal.plated chicken carbonara

Et voila! It turned out really nicely and was terribly delicious. The sauce was creamy, and was punctuated by nice bits of smoky bacon and sugar snap peas (one of my faves).IMG_8901

Plated Subscription: Turmeric-Dill Chicken Lettuce Cups with Wild Rice Salad

I saved this Plated meal one for my best friend & me. We didn’t have to bother with going out to eat or wrangling the car seats in her car. And it was absolutely delicious!! What a flavor combo! The chicken was cooked in turmeric, seasoned with fresh dill, and the wild rice pilaf had mint and scallions mixed in and a dressing of fish sauce and fresh lemon juice. It was such a unique twist on lettuce cups and we both loved it. IMG_8896

Plated even sent a whole head of lettuce when a few leaves would do. I think it stays fresher that way! IMG_8902

I’ve never seen a meal like this in any restaurant. I adore food subscriptions because I can try new things, alter it the way I want it, and eat cheaper than going out.IMG_8906New Plated customers can get 2 free plates by using my referral link. Order 4 plates and only pay $30. Both meals were easy to cook and didn’t take a lot of time. I had a hard time choosing between meals, and I will definitely go back to Plated for more.


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  • Wendy

    I signed up for the 6 for 2 plate special to try this out. The items for the most part seemed fresh, but the taste, for the most part…was bland. I had to add a lot of my own ingredients to make the dish worthy of my taste profile. Worth $24 for 6 servings, but in the end…I wouldn’t order from them again. Bland, bland, bland!

    • Brandy

      What did you order?? We just had a Thai curry dish that was very flavorful!!

  • Alexa Blue

    Thank you SO much for the info, Brandy! You’re awesome!! I am a new reader (VERY impressed by your site!) and am taking advantage of a lot of your discounts and what not to try things out! Hopefully it will reflect in your referrals. Seriously considering getting into blogging myself if you happen to have any good reads/links on the subject, I’m all ears! (I know you’re a busy lady!) Thanks again. Btw, I always try to get fish down and it never goes well, but my kiddos do like it. Lol.

    • Brandy

      Awwww thank you!! I put way too many hours into it! I think the best thing to do with blogging is just to start honestly! And if you are going to go with blogspot or – pick it & stick with it. Just test them out & see how easy it is to do and then just stick with one. too many disasters switching from blogspot to wordpress self-hosted.

      My daughter is the fish fiend. Well my husband too but as I’m sure you’ve gathered he works out of state! He’s home this weekend so we are very busy cleaning & organizing. And a big Costco run today! It’s been too cold to walk.

  • Alexa Blue

    So is this one that you just order when you want to, or is it a set recurring thing? I’m very intrigued! 🙂 Especially with all the vegetarian options. Have you tried any of the seafood or meat free menus?

    • Brandy

      I am not a big fish eater at all. I tried to make myself do the salmon the other week – see it here – The fish is GORGEOUS but I can’t do salmon. I’m getting more into the white fish though! I have a reader that almost exclusively orders the fish & veggie options and she loves them.

      You can JUST order Plated when you want to, which is cool! Meals are $15 per plate that way. If you want to use it all the time you can get a monthly membership for $10/mo (or bill it annually at $8/mo). That saves you $3 per plate. There is an autodelivery option like Hello Fresh but you don’t have to choose that. One of the things I love about Plated is I have to specifically go in and choose! Also, you can see multiple weeks of menus at a time. That makes planning easier. You can check out Plated here and get 2 free plates (my referral link):

      Have you tried any of the meal services? I did a Hello Fresh veggie box the other week and really enjoyed it!

  • a.albinger

    Oh… how fun! The Turmeric-Dill Chicken Lettuce Cups with Wild Rice Salad looks absolutely delish. Well they both do, but that’s the one I’d want to try!