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So, Little Black Bag isn’t a subscription box, but I thought I would give it a shot because it looked fun, and it totally was! Before I get going I wanted to give you a heads up that you can open a bag today (Wednesday) and have extended trading time. By using my link you’ll get 25% off your first bag.


First I’m going to tell you how to shop. I documented nearly everything.  AKA How to shop at Little Black Bag! This is a crazy long post as a result, bear with me!


What is Little Black Bag?

Little Black Bag is a shopping site for accessories, jewelry, handbags, and shoes, with some clothing and home items thrown into the mix. You sign up, take an extremely extensive style profile, and are presented with a gallery. Choose your first item and the automatic computer stylist chooses 1-3 more items based on your profile and the price of your first item.

So, first you shop, got it?

Little Black Bag Initial Bag

Then you SWAP!  After you checkout your Little Black Bag and your items are revealed. I selected the Nerd Hello Kitty Purse and got two more items in my bag. Ugh, I just got 3 pink lipglosses, I don’t want that, nor those terrible hairties. Time to swap!

I got someone to swap a Pixi Blush for those hair ties and then swapped the blush for some earrings. Notice that I moved up $6 in bag value already!

little black bag pixi to earrings swap

I also got someone to swap earrings for lip gloss! Even swap.

little black bag lipgloss for earrings swap

I bumped up in style & value with an earrings for earrings swap.

little black bag lydell earrings for rain earrings

Then I got more earrings, squeezing out an additional dollar for earrings I liked better. Notice that I didn’t try to trade too high. People were offering me crazy insane trades for my Hello Kitty bag. I wanted it and considered a few insane offers.  But really, are you going to give up a $20 item for $12 hair ties? No. Don’t waste your time.

little black bag dauplaise earrings for geranium

Ah, the promised land. Someone swapped my Rain earrings for a Bindy wrap bracelet!

little black bag earrings for bindy wrap bracelet

And then I decided I wanted pink!

little black bag bindy color swapTrading is automatic. Once you offer a trade it will offer that trade to everyone that has the item. There’s no bargaining or haggling, though you can pick two items to swap for one. You can cancel an outstanding offer from a trade, but there’s no going backsies!

What I got in my Little Black Bag!

If you’ve followed this insanely long whirlwind of trading, here’s what I got in my Little Black Bag!

Geranium Aztec Earrings, $19. I was being brave! I don’t normally do danglies.


Bindy Wrap Bracelet, $24. Looove this bracelet! I think this is a closeout from last season. What-ev-ar. It’s still adorable.

IMG_8950 IMG_8951

Hello Kitty Nerds Bag, $65. The bag turned out to be absolutely humongous. I’m pretty sure I’m going to give it to my niece for Christmas. She’s going to die! It’s a very nice coated canvas though I wish the handles were a little less plasticy looking. It’s absolutely large enough to carry a laptop! I may steal a couple carries out of this bag before gifting it. It’s too cute not to! This bag sold, the last time it was available, for $45.50 on!  And you can get a free plush + free shipping with $50 purchase on Use promo code FREE50. Sweet. Yes, I love Hello Kitty, I’m still 12 in my heart.


Now, there’s no way I would pay those prices for these items. These are fashion accessories, not something that is very top quality. But it’s fun and I had a good time trading up! I ended up increasing the value of my Little Black Bag by $9 and got three great items. I saved $10 with some sort of discount and signed up for the VIP program (you can cancel it if it’s not for you – that works by charging you $10 per month and you can save up your credits for shopping) for an additional $12 off.  I paid $35.90 for my Little Black Bag haul and was very happy with it. I actually got a bonus credit to Little Black Bag from another subscription box and I’ll be visiting again! Maybe today!

Come shop with me and follow me on Little Black Bag so you can try to trade my stuff!



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  • Courtney Crowley

    Great review! I just discovered LBB this week too and I’m having a blast trading with people. Some of the trades are ridiculous though. I got a $12 hair tie trade for my $80 purse?? Come on now..

    • Brandy

      I know, right?! It’s a waste of a mouse click!