It’s Wednesday! Subscription Box News & Updates!

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Yay it’s Wednesday and we’re halfway through the work week. Almost! Some super Wednesday reminders!  And also if this is your first time looking at my daily posts because I added “subscription box” to it, yes, I post a TON of news and shoppy stuff in every daily update! Read em! I add bold to everything s

First, some middle of the night thoughts (I always write my daily posts in the middle of the night and then regret it in the morning, because I write too much and because I write too much).

  • I cleaned up my desktop from a zillion screenshots. Whew. I can see the pretty picture again!
  • I contacted a zillion boxes coming to me and had a bunch of them routed to Vermont. Sweeet!
  • I just added some email subscribe boxes to my site. Some of them are ugly. Bear with me, okay? I have to pay attention to my childlings and during the day the blog doesn’t get very much attention.
  • I’m pretty sure that Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct) is giving out $20 bonuses for new account signups. Contrary to popular opinion, I’ve had no issues with the switchover, and in many ways they are better than the bank I did switch to (because I was scared). I keep my side income dollars in a special account there, along with the kids’ savings accounts, and my plastic surgery savings money. OMG don’t freak out, I’m saving for loose skin surgery! And I transfer a ridiculous amount of money there every week so I’ll have enough! That’s my referral link. Help my girls get perky again! BLOGGING FOR BOOBIES!!!

Do you love this turntable necklace? I do!

turntable necklace

Okay, today is again mostly Subscription Box News & Coupons!

  • That awesome deal on For the Makers ends TONIGHT. Go get it now and get your craft on!
  • And seriously guys, USE YOUR BAUBLEBAR COUPONS FROM POPSUGAR, THEY EXPIRE 8/15. You can use them on the Bauble Bar Monthly Makeover: August now available: Bezel Strand necklace, 2 BaubleBar items, plus surprise. Only available through 8/18! While you’re there smack the unicorn piñata around and see if you get an even better code!  But remember, BaubleBar has FREE shipping! Use your PSMH code on your first order, and your bonus code on a second order. Double the fun!
  • I got some new codes and coupons in last night, check them out here.
  • You can get EXTRA trading time if you open a Little Black Bag by tonight. I just got my first one and it was SUPER FUN. Really, I loved doing it. Come shop with me! You should get 25% off your first purchase by using that link!
  • I missed out on the August Goodies box because of my credit card fiasco (seriously it wasn’t my fault!). But I found out I have enough points for a FREE Goodies Box! Doing the rewards makes it super cheap. Don’t forget to to review your products on all your boxes.
  • Peekaboo socks are one of the most clicked through things on my site. I noticed you can get some in a Pique Box!
  • RueLaLa is having a Naturebox deal today! The Smart Snacker Box is $24.99 for 4×5 different snackeroos.

Do NOT miss this great Kiwi Crate Sale! Seriously! If you love Kiwi Crate sign up for a year and save $20. You’re saving $4.70 off each and every month of that subscription! The special codes are in the link, just press the button and you’ll see them.
Save up to $20 with Kiwi Crate's Back to School Sale! shop now ››

Glossybox Spoiler! This great little gem from Sue Devitt is in the September Glossybox! Get 20% off by using code MARYAM20. That Summer Essentials/Martha Stewart box is still available too! Use ebates for the best deal!

september glossybox spoiler


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  • Growing Up Madison

    Love the updates. I do the same thing. I usually write my posts for the day in the middle of the night. During the day I’m at work and when I get home I’m spending time with my toddler. The blog can wait. 🙂

    • Brandy

      Yeah, I noticed. My kids are playing dinos right now and we are taking a break. Back to preschool soon!