It’s Monday!

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It’s Monday. Woo!  I’ve been laying low all weekend since I wrote my July/August Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box review. I say it’s July, others say August. Whatevs! It was still a wonderful box. It's Monday!

This is the LONGEST update ever. I really shouldn’t save everything for Monday! Can you forgive me?


Something Feedly addicts should know: in the middle of the night they introduced Feedly Pro. Lots of people will be ticked but they’re offering $99 lifetime subscription to the pro version to 5,000 people.

Kid Stuff

Yesterday my kids & I did a preschool water stuff marathon. I figured if we were doing water stuff we better do as much as we can all in one day. To reduce cleanup! I further reduced cleanup by doing all experiments in the tub.  You can also see our toy from the August Crowded Tub. Loving that box and getting so much use out of it!IMG_8753 Then I made sailboat egg boats. I can’t take any credit for it – It’s all Mother Goose Time. I am so uncreative with fun stuff for kids. That’s why I just open the box & follow the directions.IMG_8750

Smelly Stuff

I’m having a Scentsy party! Y’all know I’m a total direct sales addict (South Hill Designs? Call me!). If you need Scentsy stuff, pick some up at my partaaay.  My consultant is a homebound disabled woman who WORKS THE CRAP outta direct sales and she is amazing! And if you have a direct sales business you can ask her anything and she will tell you.  I actually do not own a single Scentsy product but my kids are getting into more & more things (as in destroying everything, I fear for our safety if I used a candle during the day) and I like smelly stuff and I always wanted to try it so…

The scent of the month is Bora Bora Blossom! Get lost in a balmy combination of succulent island fruits and lush orchid, balanced with a kiss of fresh, green violet leaf.

Um, ok, YUM! Oh and the reason I picked August for the party is because EVERYTHING IS 10% OFF! YAY!

My Pacifica order from fifty years ago finally arrived last week. I feel bad for them – everything went on a truck instead of by air? But I felt they weren’t proactive about it at all. Like they should have emailed every single person to give them a head’s up. After I realized I hadn’t gotten my order & looked it up it was over 2 weeks late or something crazy.

But delicious. I mean delicious like I accidentally put solid perfume on my lips this weekend and it was no big deal!  I feel like I could drop a $50 order there every month because they always have a super sale on a scent. They should just do a subscription box and be done with it. Anyways, I saw in my email box this morning they have hand & lotion body wipes now! How cool! Whenever I do order again I’m getting these for air travel!

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 9.29.43 AM

Misc Box Stuff

Did you see this insane subscription at RueLaLa? Freshology is on sale for $364 down from $455 for the week. It’s a meal service that sends low carb breakfast/lunch/dinner/sanck for the week via 2 FedEx shipments. Yeah, for the week. I guess it would be good for vacay? Um, I’m having a hard time buying in to that one. You’d have to be pretty rich to go for that. If you have that much money to blow I don’t see why you wouldn’t just hire someone to come in & prep some meals for you.

I did see that Magic School Bus is opening tomorrow at RueLaLa and like I said in my directory listing, don’t buy this one unless it’s on a voucher! The one I really have my eye on is Llum Girls boutique. I set a reminder on RueLaLa (did you know you can do that? It’s great! and yep that’s totally my linky link). Yessss I want all of those. Do the rest of you vicariously fashion-ize via your kids? I sure do.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 3.23.26 AM

Oh right, my bestie sent me a pack of MeUndies, because she’s the bestie! She just wanted me to write ASSPIRATIONAL on my blog. So I did. xoxox.


Some awesome coupon reminders: {and some of these are referral/affiliate links!}

  • Rocks Box: Get your first box free using my link and code friendsrock. <– I’m still trying to decide if I should pick up my earrings for keepsies.
  • Cultured Crate: Use coupon SPLURGE to get $5 off a 3+ month subscription <– I’m pretty sure I’m just going to go ahead and sign up for 9 months!
  • Co-Ed Supply: Use code BACK2SCHOOL for $10 off your first month!
  • GLOSSYBOX: Get 15% off by using code JULYMAG.
  • Bestowed:  8/1-8/7 use code HELLOYUM to get first box for $10 <— I need to sign up for this!
  • Plated: get 4 plates free ($10 shipping) with code FIRSTPLATED!!!  <– I think this is still working!

I don’t have any big box news right now, considering it’s MONDAY!


 August Ipsy Spoilers!

The alternate to the Urban Decay in the August Ipsy Bag is Noya Lip Balm and other potential products include Pixi Lash Booster Mascara, Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub or the Pumpkin Nutrient Rich Facial Mask, and possibly the City Color Cheek Stain. All deduced from a spoiler video by the hounds at MakeupTalk. You can no longer subscribe to the August bag but to get on the waitlist join up at Ipsy. If enough people do I’ll get an extra in my Ipsy Bag. But seriously people spoilers are never a guarantee! Even though I was totally in love with the July Ipsy I got totally taken in by the Benetint spoiler (for some reason I thought it was going to be in all the bags!).

None of the photos are very interesting, but here’s some eye candy anyways. My vote – expect this, hope for UD. Although I’d prefer the balm myself. I’m weird!


So have a bright shiny day!


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  • a.albinger

    I love your “It’s Monday” logo! So much fun… and no kidding, talk about a lot going on, but a fun read and made me laugh so thanks for that! 🙂 Even if I am about a week behind reading it and doing everything else this week – oops!

    • Brandy

      OH crap I saved everything for Monday again! I’ve been working on some backend stuff, finished none of it, and of course bestie was here too. I’m wicked behind now too! I have written not ONE word all weekend except for yesterday’s post. No reviews and oh well, it will all go out on Monday. I have my fingers crossed that a coding marathon can produce the results I want, but I’m skeptical about my ability to get it done!

  • Beckie Brown

    I love reading these daily posts. I’m looking to expand beyond sub boxes 🙂 I’d love to include tidbits about our new granddaughter.