Bluum Box Review – August – Baby Subscription

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August Bluum box arrived today in the middle of a huge pile of boxes! Bluum baby box is a subscription for babies and toddlers up to age five.  As always, it comes in a great big red box.


I let the kids open Bluum with me on a video! I’m all about YouTube this week, I’m certain if I actually watched these terrible videos I’d get over it.

August’s Bluum theme is Bright Horizons. Except the items  in a Bluum are never themed  (or at least only barely) and there is no info on the info card. Whatever, Bluum is great and the kids love it. They tore in! You can see they were so so very excited!


August Bluum Box: 32 month old toddler


 Parragon Books portable checkers set $9. My daughter was so excited by this and we played it for about half an hour. I didn’t realize she’d be so excited about a game of checkers, but I guess Bluum did!


Parragon 10 bright books for little hands $13 . These were adorablicious and my toddler loves them to pieces already. Plus, my daughter can read most of the words, so they are pulling double duty. My son made me open these so he could have the blue one immediately. He’s a little obsessive about blue lately.


Tic Tac Toe fuzzy socks. In purple.  $4. Ok, I know some moms would be ticked about purple socks for boys, but A) I don’t care and B) my daughter loves fuzzy socks. I’m sure if you got the wrong socks too they’d replace them. I’m not going to bother.

The WipeBox – Anchor Print $7. Ooookay, I was happy to get this because I needed another, but who would buy a wipes container for $7? It’s paper. To wipe your kids poop. The wipes need a container, but really?


 Discovery Kids 3D sticker Incredible Zoo $5.50. The kids were “wild” (haha) about this book!


Also, an UPDATE on last month’s Bluum. I was a little skeptical on that zippy bag. I love it and I am buying more. It really is perfect for Playmobil and playset containment. I have trained the kids to clean up their big Playmobil set into it and it’s wonderful. I would have never found out about Zizzybee bags without Bluum!

If you’d like to sign up for Bluum, I always appreciate it when you use my referral link. I think baby boxes still start at $14.90. A toddler box is available for $24.95. The value of my box was almost $40 and if you entirely discount the “value” of a wipes container, I think you’re still getting a great deal! The wipes container is cute & all… but $7!?!?!



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  • Antonia

    I got my box, 31 month old boy and very very differnt, except for the pink socks, like I said I have a boy so it was a bummer to get pink socks.

    • Brandy

      wow, i am super surprised to hear that. i honestly thought it was just a single oopsy… i wonder if ALL boys got the socks mixup? i would have to check my account to see if it was the 31 or 32 month old box for sure but i am wondering if it is all boys in that month range? my daughter wore them to bed last night. contact bluum, i’m sure they will do something. and report back! 🙂

  • Growing Up Madison

    I just got the notification that my Bluum Box is on its way. I like looking at yours since you get the older kids box. We have that stack of little books and Madison loves it. Can’t wait to see what I got.

    • Brandy

      I got the shipping notification after the box arrived. Maybe you’ll get yours tomorrow?!