August Xplore Box Review – Kids Subscription Full of Science Fun!

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Xplore Box sent me their brand new kids science subscription box to review. Thanks Xplore Box!

I was so excited to review the new Xplore Box because (and you probably did not know this!) – I  taught advanced earth/space science and physical science in a charter middle school. I love getting kids engaged in learning new things and learning how to learn and ask questions and generally getting them interested in science, technology, and engineering! If your kids are in public school you might find that they don’t get enough hands on experiments in their science instruction and I think Xplore Box is a fantastic way to supplement that while still being totally fun!

The Xplore Box comes priority mail and has a great presentation for a science kit! The information card had a fun fact and told us the theme and the contents.

xplore box august first look

With every box you get a STEM (that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Kit, Toys, and Goodies. Xplore Box is $29.95 per month with totally free shipping on all plans. You can save $36 with a yearly subscription.  The Xplore Box had so many experiments that it would absolutely last kids an entire month. Most of the items we received for the experiments were reusable, so you can keep them and repeat the experiment, which is the perfect way to talk about reproducible scientific results!

Xplore Box August: Kitchen Science

xplore box august box

The August Xplore Box was kitchen science! We got a STEM kit, supplies for a gummy bear tower, a notebook, and a pencil.  We did the gummy bear tower project first so we could eat them 🙂 Even my 2 year old helped build the tower and we experimented with a few ways to get it even higher.

xplore box gummy bear tower

I discussed taking experiment notes with my daughter, and she drew the tower in her notebook. She’s almost worn this notebook out, and she did this all by herself. I’m so proud! She copied “germs” from the germ-x bottle and changed the X to an S! What a great scientist she’s going to be!

xplore box notebook

We performed a volcano demonstration, and if you can see the booklet, there was tons of info right in the booklet so you don’t have to be a science teacher to help your kids learn about science. Everything in the booklet was accurate and on-level for the target 7-12 age range.xplore box volcano watching The next project was making a battery out of fruit. We chose a cara cara orange. My daughter recounted this entire experiment to my son’s speech teacher yesterday. She was so excited about it. It’s these kind of experiments that really get kids interested in learning more about science!

xplore box fruit clock xplore box excited kids

Of course the kids loved the rocket experiment. Shooting it off no less than fifty times gave me plenty of time to talk about the science behind baking soda & vinegar.xplore box rocket You should have heard the laughing and giggling. Kids love rockets. Even big kids like me.xplore box rocket experiment

Another experiment – yes there are a TON of them, this was a really high value subscription!  – was fingerprint lifting. The kids thought this one was really cool and it gave us the opportunity to talk a little biology/anatomy.xplore box fingerprint xplore box fingerprint results

And finally, we are waiting on the results of this one: rock candy! What kid isn’t going to be interested in candy? As a teacher I often used candy in my classroom to keep the kids focused on the activity (hint, you can use a snickers bar to demonstrate tectonic plate activity and results!). Visit Xplore Box to sign up!

xplore box august rock candy


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  • a.albinger

    Okay, I love the idea behind this box. We totally did almost all of those experiments at home (just for fun) when I was a kid and we loved them. This is definitely a box to remember or seem like a great one to use as a gift in the future. Thanks again for a great review!

    • Brandy

      Yeah, I do too! I may be sorta biased of course but I love when my kits include scientific exploration. We do a lot of hands on and we do use a lot of video too. It seems SO lame but kids are really fascinated by it. Today we watched Sid the Science Kid on “decay” and then Bill Nye the Science guy on fossils. She was totally fascinated and recounted a whole dead rhino scenario (including acting it out) for Dad. Then you need to reinforce it in the lab, and I will tell you that it is so much easier for kids to pick up the concepts in the lab when they are comfortable with the idea of experimentation.

      Of course, my son cried. We’re gunning for theoretical physicist for that one.

      Thank YOU for the compliments 🙂 I really do appreciate them!