Weekend What’s In My Fridge!

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Mary at Little Fat Notebook wants to know what’s in our fridges! Hey why not!

This was my fridge earlier in the week. It’s very sad because it needs restocking. (Read below for  post-restocking photos!)  I also don’t keep a very neat fridge.

You can see I have an ample supply of dream water (top left shelf) but am out of Coke Zero. Sadness. I didn’t take a very good photo but there’s protein shakes 4 jars of peaches & mandarin oranges (when I don’t get a chance to get fresh fruit we zip through canned fruit like mad. I get the ones from Costco in very light syrup), a case of Kraft singles (Costco!), 3 1 pound blocks of cheese. A giant container of pasta sauce & Smart Balance. Dried Figs, aged gouda, cheese sticks. I have hotdogs, 2 gallons of milk, a giant tub of cottage cheese but mostly….


Condiments. I had to write this post, because I was looking at Mary’s fridge, and thought to myself, WHERE THE HELL ARE THE CONDIMENTS? It does not compute. I have barely any condiments in my fridge and it looks like this. We have to have 5 mustards, 2 ketchups, several BBQ sauces, 50 salad dressings, and assorted other stuff: pickle relish, jam, dried lemon peel, fish oil (for the kids), stevia, horseradish, hot sauces, salsa, and everything else. We have very little butter left. I should probably get more.IMG_8088

Aaaaand post re-stocking!  After the original photos I had a produce delivery box and also restocked staples at the grocery store. We added collards (thankfully now pawned off on a neighbor), yams, corn, yellow squash, a giant field watermelon (now half eaten), my beloved coke zero, 6 gallons of milk (half of it’s lactaid so it will last me a month), strawberries, grapes, cheese. And lettuce and green beans. I can guarantee you that the fridge will look like one of the photos above in about 3 days (except for the milk). My fridge is definitely not pinnable. I cleaned out the old yuck, like that grape soda. Why it was in my fridge, I have no idea. It must have been a babysitter’s.

What’s in your fridge????



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  • Lynsey Jones

    OMG that is more food than I would have in a LIFETIME in my fridge LOL I gotta learn how to cook hahahha

  • laelene

    Wow woman, your fridge is PACKED! I don’t think my fridge has ever looked like that, but I guess perhaps it’s because I’ve never had more than three people in my household.

    I totally need to get canned fruit! That is a great idea – I love me some canned peaches. It’s so hard to go through fresh fruit before it starts to spoil. I’m having to gobble down the watermelon and corn that was in my fridge right now because they’re reaching their limit.

    I have no idea why I don’t use condiments – maybe it’s an Asian thing? I did just get a jar of salsa though! 🙂 Thanks for the shoutout!

    • Brandy

      You know, I was thinking about the Asian thing (especially considering our previous conversation) and a lot more Asian condiments aren’t kept in the fridge. (Also, can I miss my ex solely because his mom was Thai and I really miss her food?!?!). Today’s was a little extreme but I tend to really pack it in once a month and then get what I need as I go along.

      We don’t have a problem with the fresh fruit at all. It’s about 60% of the kids’ diet! My daughter woke up several times last night to use the bathroom because she’d eaten so much watermelon. In fact, she single-handedly ate the other half of the watermelon pictured from Thursday night to Saturday noon.

      And to answer your other question about the freezer, I do have some frozen fruit pops in there, but they aren’t the biggest hit with the kids. No ice cream right now. I make it. I was just saying to someone else next time we go to Costco (went today on a Coke Zero run) I need to get some heavy cream. If I can fit it in my fridge. I got the kids a berry sundae at Costco.

      I will try to do another what’s in my fridge in a week or two, especially if I can get some stuff cleaned out! It was fun!

      • laelene

        That’s true, and I think I’m more in the habit of having the flavor cooked into the food rather than putting stuff on top after the fact. Whatever does get added doesn’t need to be refrigerated! Ooo I totally want to make my own ice cream, but I’m kind of lazy. 😛 I think the issue with fruit right now is that there are only two of us and we can’t eat it fast enough. Guess we should try to buy smaller portions.

        • Brandy

          I didn’t get cream at Costco today. I decided to use up existing popsicles first. My freezer is feeling full 🙂