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I’m linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom today for Thursday Thoughts.

I woke up this morning to find my middle of the night Spicy Subscriptions giveaway went out as the FIRST ITEM ON MY EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS! I don’t think I really meant to do that. Whoops!

I got my Ipsy & Conscious Box yesterday and totally didn’t work on them at all. I took some pictures of Ipsy! But I was working on other site stuff. I can’t even remember what I was doing, but I was coding something. Seriously I can’t remember. If you ever show up in the middle of the night and my site is down or looks like garbage, that’s me, doing something crazy without testing it first. I never do.

{BTW my July Ipsy Bag review is finally up!}

I just bought the July Blush Beauty Box. If you want to find it, it’s linked from the Blush Page with this icon! Email me & I will send you a referral email for $10 off a $30 purchase. You can also use code LOVEBLUSHBOX today only for 25% off the recurring  monthly subscription but you can totally cancel.


We did a Target/Costco run yesterday.  I got more clearanced Big Boots figures because E carries them around like baby dolls. We got the dino ones. He now requires two figures at all times instead of one. I didn’t really get anything else except 3 squirt guns for $1 at the dollar spot. Our Target’s summer clearance is still only at 30%, although the toys have a huge stock and are at 50%.  I am going to go in a couple of days or whenever I get the word they are at 70%. There’s definitely a few things to pick up!

We had a super squirt party when we got home! So much fun! It was so much better than just saying it’s too hot outside, especially after walking home pushing the kids and a case of coke zero in the stroller. I was soaked before we started anyways (it was 95 or something crazy).

I totally want to get these recliners. My husband is coming next week (flying in) and we might pay someone to bring them. Because the kids spilled fish oil all over mine!


I also wanted this, even though it’s not the style of my furnishings at all (all my stuff is scandinavian teak). But I have always wanted one of these mirrored bedside tables! So girly.


Don’t forget to check out the Double Birthday Party Favor Bash! (giveaways, coupons, etc.)


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  • Jennifer V

    Still only 30% at your Target! Geez! I’m headed there tomorrow (well today) to check things out. I can’t wait. How long is the walk to Target / Costco???

    • Brandy

      Not if you don’t get to bed soon you’re not! HAHAHAHA Why are we awake? The walk is about 1 mile I am pretty sure and half of it is seriously uphill. Like my body is jackknifed. I make my daughter walk up because she’s 50 pounds now and it’s too much. She begs me to ride in but I try to be all whoooooo exercise this is FUN.

      She’s not buying it.

      I was thinking of going tomorrow to make sure they don’t have the clearance on the toys because it’s doubtful I’ll go over the weekend. It’s totally insane. But we have other stuff to do so what will be will be!

      The way back is some uphill. Even though I’m usually carting back a case of coke zero it’s not nearly as extreme. I really want those kids patio chairs though and I am certain I can finagle them into the double/tie them on the back.