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Rather than making separate blog posts I thought I’d put all my Honest Company Essentials reviews on one post, so I’ll update this as I review new items. If you’re new to Honest Company you can sign up with my referral  link and get $10 off by using code INVITED10.  Once you start using Honest products you’ll find it hard to go back! They’re very effective, smell fantastic, and once you start using them you will hate using conventional cleaners all full of icky stuff. You can also see my Honest Company diaper/baby related stuff here or just see all my Honest Company reviews!

Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review

I get a new Honest Company Essentials Bundle once or twice a month. I live in a metropolitan area and don’t have a car so my grocery trips are pretty much just groceries, and I rely on Honest Company to supply me with all my household needs. The Honest Company Essentials Bundle costs $35.95 per bundle plus $5.95 shipping, but you can totally skip the shipping charge in one of two ways:

  1. Order enough add-ons to your bundle to reach the $50 mark
  2. Subscribe to a second bundle. There are also dipes/wipes bundles and a wellness bundle (prenatal, baby/toddler, and kids vitamins & DHA)

You can change the shipping date right online and I usually make my bundle ship every two or three weeks

Each bundle comes in a big cardboard box and is packaged securely. Honest Company recently switched to including sprayer nozzles in the box rather than having them attached. Great idea.


In each bundle you get 5 Honest Company Essentials products of your choice and you can add three more at 25% off from an expanded variety of items. This is what I do because I never like to pay shipping.

Honest Dish Soap

Maybe the one product that’s really not my thing, it doesn’t cut grease for me well. I now supplement my Honest Company order with an ePantry order to pick up a different brand of dish soap (and liquid fabric softener).

Honest Bathroom Cleaner

My favorite bathroom cleaner ever. It smells great and is perfect for daily chemical-free cleaning. Seriously you must get it.

Honest Stain Remover

I use this as my carpet cleaner! It works a charm! I’m sure it works great on clothing too but this is what I use it for!

Honest Fruit & Veggie Wash

I *do* use this. I don’t know the numbers but Honest claims (via independent lab tests) that it cleans better than water alone. I am worried about food safety. I clean everything with it. I just spray, let it set, then rinse. Even stuff like cantaloupes. Listeria is everywhere now.

Honest Dish Brush

This is a sturdy, well-made dishbrush and is quite attractive. The holder holds  a plate with a spring attached to it and you are supposed to put soap & water in the dish and pump the brush up and down to foam it. The foaming didn’t work for us (perhaps because of the Honest Dish Soap), but my kids loved this brush and happily did the dishes for me (hey, the package says to have my kids do them, so I did!).  I had to buy another to avoid fights over the dish brush.


Honest Organic Cotton Dish Towels

These towels have quite a gorgeous pattern on them and are very well textured to be as absorbent as possible. I like them, but they’re dish towels, and pretty pricey towels (and do shrink quite a bit). I’ll stick with Costco towels in the future because I recycle them once a year, but these are really nice as cloth napkins (which we use!). I actually found that my Costco towels got super crunchy and these ones haven’t. Plus I actually like their smaller size. This is a product that I changed my mind about!

Honest Dryer Sheets

I did want to note that the back of the package says you can reuse the towels up to 2 times. The front says up to 64 loads. To me that means you can use them once and reuse them once. I thought that was a little deceptive so I wanted to note that. These are alright. I prefer liquid softener, I really do. I think they worked okay, but I didn’t think you could really reuse them. They smelled like coconut I think. I get liquid fabric softener from ePantry.


Honest Oxy Boost

Honest Oxy Boost are laundry packets of oxygen (non-chlorine) bleach. Basically it’s Oxy-Clean but natural. I put one of these in every load of towels that I wash. It helps get the stank out. I’m certainly not a natural homemaker and I don’t know any other way!

Honest Candles 

I didn’t think these were particularly strongly scented. If you prefer a lightly scented candle, this are great candles. Otherwise, skip them.

Honest Sunscreen

This is a mineral sunscreen (no chemicals) so it’s a bit whiteish but a good tradeoff for skipping chemicals on the kids’ skin (and mine too!). It’s SPF 30, goes on smoothly, and is unscented. It’s our go to sunblock because of the total lack of chemical sunscreen.


Honest Kids Toothpaste

I have to admit that I didn’t care for the formulation on this toothpaste (I love using fruity flavored pastes) but my daughter loved it! It’s an all-natural fluoride-free formula.

Honest Toilet Cleaner

This worked surprisingly well! If you have kids that dip their hands in the toilet occasionally (they all do it!), this is a great option. Toilet cleaner is always so caustic but this one wasn’t. Only downside – I had to use my teeth to open the cap. Yes, really, it’s very secure. (I think they’ve since changed the packaging).

 Honest Bubble Bath

A total favorite of the kids. I love making sure their bath products are 100% natural and this bubble bath is bubbly and smells fantastic. The scent is called “tangerine dream.” I love smelling their warm little bodies after they get out of the tub!


Honest 4-in-1 Laundry Pods

This is another of Honest’s pods. I love pods so I can just get the job done! They claim to be cleaning, stain-fighting, brightening, and softening. They work really well in my front-loading washer and since I’ve been using Honest products the washer doesn’t get so icky.

Honest Organic Lip Balm

I’ve received the Lavender Mint in a couple of subscription boxes. Bestie stole one and the kids stole the other. I’m not too broken up about it because I don’t care for mint on my lips, but their reactions say that it’s a great balm!


Honest Laundry Detergent

Sometimes I want more detergent or I need it for hand-washing, so I also use the Honest Laundry Detergent. I love how it has no smell! I usually get one in my bundle and another as an add-on item.

Honest Body Oil

I actually prefer the old bottle. It has a better scent (coconut blossom) – the new one doesn’t have any and just smells like oil. The old bottle was also a tad bigger (0.4 more ounces). That being said I use this all the time! It’s extremely moisturizing and hydrating!


Honest Floor Cleaner

I’m crazy about this and so are my kids, because I’ll allow them to clean the floor using this (it’s a very exciting activity for them, I’ll take it while I can get it!). It does the job on our linoleum floor and leaves absolutely no streaks or film. It’s definitely one of my favorite Honest Company products.

Honest Conditioning Mist

We love this, love the smell, it’s very light and not overpowering on the hair. A must order.


Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner

This is absolutely another favorite, I use it constantly. I clean way more often now that I use Honest products because I don’t feel like I have to clean them up after I use them. I just love that I can spray this all over my counters, wipe up, and not worry at all about it.

Honest 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash

This is my shampoo of choice for my kids and their pick too! It smells totally dreamy and delicious, gets em clean, and doubles as a body wash. Love that, less clutter!

Honest Bug Spray

This one smells very strongly of citronella and I won’t get it again. The scent is too strong for me!

The only thing I don’t like about Honest Company is that they make you call in for customer service. (Not true anymore, you can email them from your account!). I haven’t needed any customer service in a long time, so I’m over it.  I hope they come out with carpet cleaner soon.  That’s the one chemical filled item they don’t have that I really need. Update – I now use the Stain Remover, see above!

If you want your own bundle of essentials goodness from Honest Company, you can sign up and save $10 with my link! Let me know what you got in your bundle and how you liked it!


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  • Ananda Finnikin

    Love the review! The Homest Cimpany is really awesome! I get a bundle each month and I LOVE the cleaners too! I’m thinking of getting a secon bundle using your link! The $10 off is a really good deal (although I’ll probably have to open a second acct…). I haven’t tried the stain remover yet. Can’t wait give it a shot. I recently got the air/fabric freshener. I love the scent but it disappears in like 10 seconds flat! Are the candles actually *worth* the splurge???

    • Brandy

      oh i so need to update this page (again!). cough*waituntilblackfriday*cough the stain remover works really well and i use it as carpet cleaner (i think thanks to another commenter). i find that the lav/vanilla smell lasts the longest. the candles, don’t expect them to be like BBW. the tradeoff for the natural scents is that its just not very strong – even the improved ones. again, lav/vanilla has the strongest, longest lasting scent. if natural candles aren’t important to you, go with BBW. OH also try the epantry ones. they are more affordable than the honest ones and have fun scents.

  • roboex1013

    I had an allergic reaction to the bug spray. It made me sad because I hate all the chemicals in normal big spray (and they also irritate my skin) so I REALLY wanted to be able to use the Honest Company bug spray but I got red and splotchy right after using it. I think it was due to the inclusion of cedar in the ingredients. I’ve had issues with cedar chips and cedar firewood before. So, that is likely the bad ingredient for me. I also had a reaction to the bubble bath (it made me itchy and red after using it) but I never could figure out what caused it in that case. Most of the Honest products I love though. They’re the only shampoo, body wash and conditioner that I CAN use. All the others I’ve tried break me out.

  • Chandra P

    Hi there,

    Just stumbled across your blog while looking up Honest promo codes and I wanted to say I love your review of the Honest products! I agree that the floor cleaner is amazing, same with the surface cleaner 🙂 I also just used the glass cleaner on my car windows inside and out, and it worked amazingly well! I do have one question, I use the laundry pods but have noticed dried detergent left on some of my darker clothes. Have you noticed this? For this reason my family has also ordered the liquid detergent to see if that will help. Just thought I’d ask. Thanks for the great read!

    • Brandy

      It happens and they *might* refund you if you complain. We live in a building with a boiler so I do wash my clothes on warm water and Honest will tell you the pods dissolve better in warm water. If you like you can throw it in while the water is running if you have a top loader. My MIL has a super high efficiency top loader that doesn’t clean clothes for squat, but the liquid works great in there, I bet that is the best choice for you! You are welcome, come back and visit 🙂

    • roboex1013

      I generally use hot water for my laundry and have no issues with the pods but I recently did a load of delicate baby clothes and used warm wash and cold rinse instead of hot wash and I had the same thing happen – dried detergent on some of the clothes. I’d suggest doing a hot wash (or warm wash if you have a good water heater…I think our “warm” is more closer to cool than it is hot). If you need to wash something in cold water then you’re better off with the liquid. I use it sometimes and its also great. I’ll probably use it for the baby clothes from now on.

  • Teresa

    Thank you so much for this review. It has helped me determine which products are worth trying or buying and which are not. I currently recieve the pampers and wipes bundle and added a pack of pull-ups as well. I can’t wait to try the other products out though and know more about your reviews.

    • Brandy

      I actually just updated it this morning a little! If you ever have questions on a product just leave a comment. I try to reply ASAP!

  • roboex1013

    The Stain Remover (which I THINK they actually list on the site as being for use on clothes but the bottle lists other uses) is a GREAT carpet spot cleaner. It gets up pet stains. And anything that can get rid of those smells is awesome. If you wanted to use it to clean your whole carpet I don’t see why you couldn’t. Just water it down a bit and use a steam cleaner/deep cleaner on the carpet after letting it set a bit.

    • Brandy

      OMG OMG I haven’t tried that I totally don’t need a bundle right now but I’m updating mine to include it! Thank you! Brilliant! I do just dissolve the oxy boost packets into water and use those for big messes (kids, like pet babies, will only ever puke on carpet). But I could use this for all the little less gross messes.

      • roboex1013

        I will warn you it doesn’t last long as a spot cleaner. I may water mine down anyway just to stretch it out. I ran out in a week last time I got it (my dog had some issues remembering her house training when we moved to this new house – she seems to be doing well now though). It smells amazing. So, I almost don’t mind using a lot of it. I’m getting more this month (I need to clean up the last of the leftover stains from before – after I ran out I was never able to get to PetSmart to get the other, much more expensive, stuff that actually works). I’m thinking I may start ordering double of it and the all purpose cleaner. I haven’t tried the bathroom cleaner but i’m getting it this month and I want to try the floor cleaner too but it had to wait until next month. lol.

        • Brandy

          The bathroom cleaner is the best smelling cleaner ever. It’s one of my favorites. It works too and all that, but I do still use a bleach spray for certain things. Can’t get around the fact that bleach kills mildew and disinfects.

          • roboex1013

            Bleach cleaners kill me. I have weird reactions to even the fumes. I break out in welts if I’m not SUPER careful with it. So, I avoid it as much as possible. i’ve found disinfectants that don’t use bleach (plus it isn’t suppose to be healthy to kill ALL germs anyway…so I don’t worry to much about disinfecting everything). I’ve also heard that vinegar or lemon juice make good natural disinfectants. Vinegar also is suppose to kill mildew but I have never tested that. I need a good bathroom cleaner. Theirs say it kills lime deposits and hard water stains. I’m hoping it can clean our bathtub at our new place but I don’t have high hopes. Bleach and super heavy duty cleaners didn’t work. :/

  • haley

    HI, for the floor cleaner, what type of mop do you use? I was dissapointed to see that it is not a solution that you add to a bucket, its for a dry mop? … hmm…what do you use?

    • Brandy

      I use it to clean up messes directly on our linoleum floor. to be fair we only have a small area that isn’t carpeted in our apartment (our kitchen is maybe 6×6? about the same square feet total in the bathrooms). i have 2 little pairs of hands that like to help me wipe up the floors (okay, i bribe them), so they stay fairly clean. i was thinking about getting a steam mop though. i don’t like getting on the floor to deep clean it (lazy!) and the steam mop is ONLY water. because usually i only clean up spills. i am terrible.

      • Kristen

        I use this cleaner with a dry microfiber mop, I spray the wood floor and then wipe. I use it often and on a large area. Works well.

        • Brandy

          Now I feel obligated to clean my floor in such a manner. I do not have a dry mop. There I said it, I’m the worst housekeeper in the world.

          • roboex1013

            I don’t have a mop at all…….I hate mopping. I literally prefer to sweep and then spray cleaner on the floors and clean with a towel or paper towels. It actually hurts my back less to do that. lol.

  • tracey

    Thanks! I just signed up using your link.

    • Brandy

      Thanks so much!! If you want recommendations just let me know!