Petit Vour July Review plus Giveaway!

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Petit Vour sent me the July Petit Vour subscription box to review. They also graciously offered to give a Petit Vour box away to one of my readers! I’m so excited!


I was so excited to see the July Petit Vour on top of my stack of packages today! Hooray! I’ve been totally waiting to see the third month of this relatively new vegan, cruelty-free beauty subscription box!


Petit Vour is $15 per month and contains 4-5 curated beauty samples full of kindness. The idea is that they are dainty trials just as you’d find in a box of petit fours. Plus anything you find in the box animal-free. Petit Vour also uses all recycled and recyclable packaging and only sends cruelty-free brands. is I love the whole idea of this box, and I also love the branding on this box with the crest and the colors.


I think it’s very unique and it makes me smile! If your beauty standards lean this way or you’d like to explore the idea, Petit Vour is definitely a box to try!


The Petit Vour information card is black on very light gray and has silhouettes (oh la la) of the items with their information, value, and coupons when available. The value directly on the card is a new addition this month!

July Petit Vour


Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Eye Pencil – Delft Blue. $16.95. I really liked this eye pencil! I bought one from Clinique (in blue) a few months ago and it was sort of a disaster because it was super smudgy and just didn’t work right.I forgot to take it back too!

IMG_8302Anyways, this one made nice lines and the photo shows it after I smudged it. I will use this because sometimes I like wearing blue eye liner just because.


Sumbody Soap – Hot Tropics. $1.98. Tropics in a bar! I loved this and I could actually smell the different scents from the differently colored portions of the soap bar. It smelled so yummy and delicious. Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Safflower Oil, Coconut Milk, Pineapple, Peach, and sum Essential Oil Blend.  I am not really sure what’s in the blend, but I loved how this was all natural and scented with things that I will happily rub all over my body, or my kids! It was truly delicious. I typically save all soap/bath products for them (because they have so much fun with it!) but I may save this one for moi!


Dr’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish – Rescue Red. This went on nicely but thin and it was a gorgeous color. It has Tea Tree Oil, Vitamins, and Wheat Protein, and is recommended to keep your nails healthy, especially if you have a nail fungus. It doesn’t say that on the bottle, I picked that up from Amazon reviews and it is really well reviewed.IMG_8299

I had a bit of trouble with it drying but I didn’t clean my nails first or anything like I normally do and my hands were in the middle of making dinner for my kids so I just swiped it on to swatch it. Bestie has claimed this one as she has a fungus issue on a couple of nails. Sigh, goodbye pretty red nails! I liked this polish but I have a lot of it and she can use it more than me. $17.


Yes, that’s my middle finger. All the others had polish on them. I’m not giving you the finger. It was my only finger!

Mun Aknari No. 1. This is wicked expensive. The sample is $6.33 and is 1mL. The full size is 15mL and runs ninety-five smackeroos! (It’s a 10-12 week supply so the sample should last 4-5 days) The Mun Aknari is probably the most unique oil/serum/whatever I have ever used. The main oil is prickly pear seed oil. It also has argan and rose oil.  Because of the prickly pear in it, it’s extremely thick and has almost a sticky quality to it, but it is extremely hydrating. Totally new to me – what a great discovery!. I put it on my hand (because my face is covered in Dr. Jart Ceramidin) and it is hydrated and soft and smooth. It really worked!

IMG_8304When I tried it out I thought to myself I was going to write I would use this on my temples because of the rose oil (rose is a bit much for me), but I am totally going to put this on my face tonight. I may buy this one too!!  July is a banner month for skin care, perhaps because all the subscription boxes know our skin suffers in the summer. I found that prickly pear seed oil contains high levels of omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and all sorts of good stuff. I can’t wait to see what this does for my skin! It was a fantastic addition to the Petit Vour box!


Kimberly Sayer Tangerine & Calendula Healing Light Night Cream. There were three packets of this sample and I thought it smelled ok, not like the tangerine I was hoping for, although that note was there. But it’s a night cream and I don’t really want to be invigorated anyhow. This is supposed to be good for all skin types and lighten dark spots, although I’m not sure I saw any ingredients in there that are supposed to do that. However, it’s super-hydrating and nice and light instead of being a thick heavy plunk of stuff on your skin. Once again, great for sunburnt days! $2.40

The value of the July Petit Vour box based on the card is $44.66 and I checked out a couple prices and everything seemed accurate to me, so I’m going with that. Considering the box costs $15 I thought it was an excellent value and between me & bestie we are using everything in this box for sure, and I just might purchase that Mun. I’m super impressed about how elastic my skin feels after using it.

I think the July Petit Vour was a fantastic box! If you’d like to find out more about Petit Vour or sign up for a subscription, you can do so here. They don’t have a web-based referral program but go ahead and drop them a line that I sent you! Petit Vour does have a rewards system in place on the Petit Vour du Jour (their blog) that they are currently converting to a survey system. When you review your products, you get points!

Double Birthday Party Favor Bash

And, lucky you, a chance to win a Petit Vour box! Because it was my birthday this month and we are still having an insanely huge party, Petit Vour is letting me give one away. Hooray! Thanks Petit Vour! I really enjoyed experiencing this box! Ends 7/29, terms on the widget.
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