Midnight Musings: Organizing Train Wreck

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Hope everyone is bright and cheery this Monday! It’s Monday! Woooo Monday!

  • I realized I hadn’t posted a Minus Monday in quite a while. Whoops. It got kind of old saying the same thing, so an update: I’m down 66.3 pounds since January 4! Awesome. I feel great! Still going! I haven’t strapped on the FitBit since the whole antibiotic strep throat debacle. I should probably do that. I’m chasing the kids a lot but not walk-commuting right now, so my activity level is down.
  • I just opted out of Bespoke Post for July. We’re not so much a cocktails at home kinda family. Still love this box! I haven’t deployed the wok ring with the salt block yet.
  • Speaking of boxes, I have Fancy credits to use and I’m still trying to decide what Fancy box to get! As for everything else, I honestly don’t keep up with what’s coming when. I just get the boxes.

But…. most exciting of all

  • MY HUSBAND IS ARRIVING WEDNESDAY NIGHT! He’ll only be here through Sunday night but I am super excited! I haven’t seen him in 5 weeks. This whole working out of state thing is REALLY OLD. I can’t wait because I am pressing him into service to help reorganize the baby’s old room (the kids share a room now on their request). It’s turned into this massive junk hole. I can’t stand it. I can’t find one of the straps to the high chair. I have to store 2 giant car seats and a giant double stroller somewhere. It’s so bad that I just basically throw crap into this hole of a room. I am paying for a three-bedroom apartment in the DC metro area and THIS IS WHAT I DO WITH IT?! IT JUST AIN’T RIGHT!



  • Since it’s the start of my birthday month I am getting hammered by all these emails from random companies (Betty Crocker, Airtran) on special discounts. Can someone email me a code for something I want? I did get Talbots, but I’m trying to refrain from clothes shopping until I literally have nothing to wear.
  • totally forgot to use my Target Groupon yesterday when we went clearance shopping. Whoops. I guess I will have to go back!


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