July Conscious Box Review – Green Subscription Box

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My July Conscious Box came last night. I love Conscious Box because it is always packed full of great eco-friendly finds, most of which I have never even heard before. There is so much to try! Conscious Box is $19.95 but you can use FIRSTBOXFREE or GETAWAYFREE to get your first box free, pay $7.95 for shipping.


Conscious Box comes in a nice green box (I didn’t take a picture of the Conscious Box shipping box this time) and inside there is another box. The packaging is really nice. I love the northern lights for this month’s postcard.


And Conscious Box is stepping up it’s game with a huge new wonderful information card. I love it!

July Conscious Box


I got 15 products in my July Conscious Box and two of them are repeats. Am I going to complain about extra dishwasher detergent? NOPE! However, the website says I was supposed to get Flavrz and I didn’t, and both the website & the card say I was supposed to get Eco-Gecko Wooden Cutlery.


Totlogic Gentle, Natural & Light Body Lotion (repeat). Paraben free, happy to have it even if its a repeat!

KidsLac Sour Apple Kids Probiotics. No instructions came with this. Here’s what I found: Children take one packet a day.  Mix packet with cool food or beverage or empty contents directly into mouth.  We’re gonna try them!


Last Round All Natural Hangover Support. Yesssss.

Good Nature Tea – Cranberry Fruit Tea. My kids love tea, we are going to make this today. And down some probiotics. We’ll be so healthy!

Clean Ethics Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaner. I was SUPER happy to get this in my Conscious Box! I had never heard of it and my water bottle is nasty. We are having a cleaning day so this will go right along with that.


Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towel. This is totally cool. I can’t wait to test out this towel, although we use cloth instead of paper. But bamboo is a renewable resource. We do use paper for icky things and I’m not sure if I’d want to use bamboo on icky things.

Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets (repeat). This worked great on my dishes last time I used it! Every little change helps, right?IMG_8274

Epic Dental Fresh Fruit Xylitol Mints. These were great and totally gone. Xylitol is a natural dental care plant and it can help protect your teeth from cavities. I use xylitol all the time and these were yummy.

MRM Hydration Factor. This is a hydration drink mix. It’s orange flavored and I haven’t tried it yet!IMG_8275

Adonia Bronzing Organic Self-Tanner. Did I know they made organic self-tanners? Maybe, not sure. I thought this was neat and seasonally appropriate!

Ancient Minerals “Goodnight” Magnesium Lotion with Melatonin. I’m using this tonight. I’ve been staying up too late. Just a word of caution, don’t use melatonin on your kids, it can disrupt their hormones. I do use melatonin on occasion and it’s great for resetting your body clock (especially for jet lag!).


Clif Bar Sierra Trail Mix Energy Bar. Peanuts, chocolate, and raisins. What’s not to love? This is a BRAND NEW flavor!

Similasan 100% Natural Computer Eye Relief Drops. Also using these today too! My eyes hurt because I was up too late last night working!

Hebron USA Kios DS Stomach Relief. Another item I’d never heard about. This is an all-natural (homeopathic) remedy for upset stomachs. I don’t often get one but when I do it’s terrible. I stored it in the “stomach” box (I keep all my samples and supplies organized by category).

Considering I’m planning on using up at least half this box today, I’d say I am very happy with July Conscious Box.  I know an item was missing but I’m sure they will fix it up asap! If you want to find more about Conscious Box, do it there! Use FIRSTBOXFREE or GETAWAYFREE to get your first box free, pay $7.95 for shipping.


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  • Mary

    I love Conscious Box and found that the Kios DS works really well for heartburn too! Great review 🙂

    • Brandy

      THANK YOU for the encouragement! I promise I’ll make it look better next time. What a relief to do some video reviews instead of all the linking. I think I’m going to do an unboxing this afternoon! Ok, today’s may not look better but I’ll comb my hair!

  • Brandy

    It’s a ” and shows up when I copy/paste a link that has smart quotes. I’m sure there’s a plugin for it. I’ll find one so I can fix that. Thanks for letting me know! I liked this box too!

  • Jared

    I actually liked this box. And I also noticed you type a ? instead of a ‘ sometimes. Well I first started to notice it in the love with food review.

  • Erica G.

    I love Conscious Box products! I got tired of all the small samples though, I wish they had more full-sized products

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