It’s Wednesday

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I don’t have a cute name for a post. I’m paralyzed by post titles that don’t have the word “review” in them. So for now, It’s Wednesday. I know, I am crazy/hilarious. Pick one.


I set up a post to tell you about the last 10 coupons added to my directory. Switched it to 15! Check it out! I also put the latest 15 subscription boxes on it and I will update/republish when it’s changed a bunch. You can find it in the drop down menu under directory.  It’s a tiny bit messed up  (as in out of order) because I just adjusted it to generate the latest boxes added to and changed how I updated the boxes. It will work properly going forward. SO, even if the post looks exactly the same, you should look at it!

My CB2 lamp doesn’t stand up anymore. We’re hunting for a new one. Any great recommendations? I love the big arc style but don’t want to spend a bundle on it. CB2 is sending me a $30 gift card but I don’t think I’ll be spending it on a lamp! Mine was 6 years old, but still… It was a $200 lamp.

  • My dishwasher broke last night. Full of dishes. I was so unhappy about that. I submitted a maintenance request to our building and by 10am it was FIXED!
  • Even better, we have this really loud AC unit. Once I downloaded an app on my phone and it said the ambient noise level while it was on was 80dB or something crazy. I complained for 2 months when we moved in and got nowhere.  The maintenance dudes were all like THIS IS SO LOUD and fixed it in an instant. We have moved from cacophony to din.
  • I think we’re going to go to Costco today. Whoop. Maybe we’ll hit up Target while we’re there. I want to get ahead of my intense Coke Zero needs.
  • My son slept in until 9:30 this morning. Of course my daughter wakes at 7 on the dot. Sigh. I wish she was a sleeper. I think we’re going to do lunch before we go to the store because I don’t want to eat out again and it’s too darn late to try to go now.
  • OH YEAH, Citibank got hacked or something and my main credit card had to be shut down. Nobody used it but they shut down our account anyways. So frustrating to have to deal with that! But today is a GOOD DAY and I’m not letting it bother me.
  • I always forget that when I post a picture on the Facebook page nobody sees it. Go read my summer snacking picks if you’re coming from Facebook!

I just got this email from BaubleBar and I’m totally thinking about using my code from July Popsugar Box to get this bracelet to match my bling. I am just nuts about rose gold right now. Funny because I’m usually a silver kind of person. And OMG Update I totally forgot to write in this post that Bauble Bar has a new box – the Monthly Makover!! It’s $44/month! That’s why I was writing about Bauble Bar in the first place and got totally distracted!

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.55.29 AM

I got no mail yesterday. I’d better get a box today or I’ll die.

  • I am getting the new Mission Unboxable to review for the kids! So excited about that! Get $5 off 6 and 12 month subscriptions with coupon SPLURGE5! Exp 8/1.
  • My Zockster shipped! At least I know I’ll be getting that. Citrus Lane is coming any day now. But seriously, I have had a couple boxes that just didn’t show up. Living in the Bermuda Triangle of mail. Oh Petit Vour will be here soon! Goodies Box will be here on Saturday and I have a code for a free box! PSsJ6kXrP
  • Just got a code for Klutchclub: use ZZBACKTOSCHOOL for a free best of box ($8 shipping). Don’t forget I also have a special coupon for KLUTCHclub Mom subscriptions right now too! Use ZZSPLURGE to save 25% on a Mom Box 3-month subscription!


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  • Beeb Ashcroft (@hardertobreathe)

    Sounds like your day turned around, I would have been so sad about the dishwasher, but then you get the A/C fixed too! YAY!

    • Brandy

      I know! My husband & best friend were both totally floored. I mean I downloaded a sound monitor to test how loud it was, it was THAT loud! IT WAS A GREAT DAY!

  • Karen Stroud Eidson

    I love when repair men make more repairs than they were called out to do, That’s good karma for them.

  • LyndaS

    Going to Costco makes everything better for me. Just sayin’.

    • Brandy

      Me too! We walk (yes really, we walk!) to Costco and today I brought home Coke Zero, Danimals, kids’ vitamins, and some battery operated lights for underneath my daughter’s loft bed. Two of these items were unplanned 🙂

  • Jennifer H

    ooh nice bracelet!