Hello Fresh Review: Kids in the Kitchen (plus coupon!)

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IMG_7895We got our very first Hello Fresh box and I was so impressed with it! Hello Fresh is a recipe and ingredients weekly delivery subscription box! Everything was so easy and so so fresh – I was wowed! Because everything was pretty much all ready for me to prep and cook, I decided to get my kids involved. If you’re a regular reader, you already know that my children are involved in about half my reviews. It’s so much fun to get them engaged.  I was especially excited to do this because I haven’t done a ton of grocery shopping reently and I was relying far too much on mac & cheese. Even if it’s natural mac & cheese… it’s still out of a box (the bad kind, not the good kind!).

This post originally contained a dated coupon. Now you can always find any current coupons for a subscription right underneath the purple button at the bottom of the review! Awesome! We are meat eaters but Hello Fresh also offers a vegetarian box and servings larger than two. You can see all of my Hello Fresh Reviews too!

So, my Hello Fresh box was delivered while we were out of the house, and FedEx left it with our complex’s leasing office. It’s a good thing I realized what exactly that notice on the door was that I ignored while dragging in my double stroller, or it would have sat overnight!  That being said, the box was really really cold. When I asked my daughter to assist me in putting it away, she actually said, why? They’re already cold!


I was so super happy that it was secured with wrapping binding and had handles, because it is giant and heavy and I had to carry it up the hill while marshalling a toddler and preschooler through the lot! When you open it up, the recipe cards are right on top! These are so nice because you can actually save them and recreate the recipe with your own ingredients in the future.

I was pretty excited to see interesting but accessible recipes. Nothing weird, but unique flavors to make it interesting! Years back I did Let’s Dish (like Dream Dinners) because I do totally have an issue with repetition and getting my crap together to actually cook. I’m a busy lady! When you open up the box, everything is bagged up per recipe and is layered from the bottom with the ice packs, the meat (resting directly against the ice), and the lightest ingredients on the top.IMG_7823

You can see in this photo that the meat and heavy ingredients are on the bottom!


These are all the ingredients in the Hello Fresh box – enough for three meals for two people. This box cost $69 dollars, and a box for four costs $129. Considering what’s in the box the box – all ingredients gathered, no wasting time in the store, no wasting time selecting recipes, no eating the same thing every night for dinner – I thought it was an excellent value for me. Also as I don’t have a car, this is so much easier than trying to wrangle my littles to the store.  When you compare it to other boxes where you might not use everything or to restaurant meals… it seems like a bargain!

The meals are designed to be cooked in thirty minutes, and I’ve actually made several of these meals now, and found that to be true!IMG_7826

With the kids, I decided on Pan Roasted Cod with Mango Chutney, because they love fish! The fruit made it especially kid-friendly! And I rarely cook with fruit because I just don’t think of it. I love to make my kids interesting food but I’m just so blah about selecting recipes. I love that someone did it for me. The other side of the recipe card has the step-by-step directions (with pictures). I loved how it used watercress. I never actually go and buy watercress!


We got on our aprons and our child-safe knives


And I put my sous chefs to work! I loved how the kids were able to get engaged right away instead of waiting for me to prep everything.

IMG_7829 IMG_7828 IMG_7830 Of course I did this because my kids are adorable and I knew I’d be writing a review, but I was struck by how easy it was to get my kids in the kitchen with me actually cooking with the Hello Fresh box. I didn’t have to deal with containers or measuring or anything that normally puts up barriers in front of getting the kids involved with cooking real, fresh food. I was so happy that they got to be able to participate in the creation of this meal!

Of course I cooked the fish!


The ingredients that come packaged like this really are measured out. I had to see for myself! I loved how there was no wasted ingredients with this box. They send it, you use it!

Look at this super fresh parsley! (for another meal)


I was so happy with how the dinner turned out. The kids ate all of it. I absolutely switched it up a little – reserved some mango on the side, reduced the amount of fat, just things that represent how I want my family to eat. This was a refreshing summer meal and plates were clean at the end!

You can find out more information about the Hello Fresh Box! I accidentally got another box this week so we’ll be cooking up a lot of Hello Fresh (see all my Hello Fresh Reviews)! Going forward this won’t be weekly, but I will definitely be using this service in the future!



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