Double Birthday Party Favor Bash!

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You're invited to the Double Birthday Party Favor Bash: Giveaways, Coupons, and More from your favorite subscription boxes! Plus, our gift to you - 15% off Thirty-One Gifts and South Hill Designs.I have been talking about this on MommySplurge for a couple weeks now. Its my birthday month – and Alena’s too! (Alena is from The Adventures of the Pidala Family Five and is such an awesome friend!) We share the exact same birthday!  This whole month we have boxes to give away, special coupons from subscription boxes and others, and some special deals from the two of us. It’s the Double Birthday Party Favor Bash because there are two of us, the boxes are like party favors, and Bash because we just like it. Thanks Danica! We are going to be rolling out everything all throughout the first couple weeks of July! So you should follow BOTH of us so you don’t miss anything! Some stuff will be here, some will be there!

So, check out the special giveaways, coupons, and other assorted birthday fun. We also have deals on Thirty-One and South Hill Designs, and alllll the way down at the bottom is our special Birthday giveaway. Be sure to come back to this post to keep up with the Double Birthday Party Favor Bash! I have placed the invite over on the sidebar so you will be able to find it easily!

Double Birthday Party Favor Bash Posts

  • 7/1 Giveaway: Double Birthday Party Favor Bash Giveaway from Alena & Brandy – at the bottom of this post!
  • 7/2 Coupon: use exclusive promo code SPLURGE10 and get $10 off your SurpriseRide kids’ activity box until 7/31. Read about SurpriseRide in the directory and look for my review soon!
  • 7/2 Coupon: use coupon code PIDALAFAM7 and get 10% off Orange Glad treats and confection box. Read about Orange Glad at Alena’s Blog!
  • 7/3 Giveaway: Wantable Makeup Box. Enter this one with Alena!
  • 7/3 Present: Hey it’s my birthday, I get stuff too! A Kitchen Box sent me their superlative July Box!
  • 7/5 Party Favor: Free Groovebook Photo Book – print photos from your smartphone or tablet for free!
  • 7/6 Coupon: A little weekend treat, get $10 off Crafters Crate monthly subscription craft/activity box for girls with coupon code Splurge10!

Hey, for my birthday, will you stick me in your G+ circles? Thanks bunches!!!

Coupons for South Hill Designs and Thirty-One Gifts

Brandy (that’s me here) is a South Hill Designs Artist (gooooo Team ‘Stache – yeah that’s right I have my own team and I named it Team ‘Stache) and Alena is a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant. We are super fortunate that our businesses have gone so well and we are able to have some special offers just for our birthday! For both of these you have to order directly through us, not by shopping on our sites, mmmkay?

  • OMG 15% OFF! Yes, 15% off South Hill Designs (everything – lockets, charms, chains, droplets, screens et cetera!) and 15% off Thirty-One Gifts. A-MAY-Zing! We were going to go with ten, because our birthday is July 10, but 15 sounded awesomer. Dontcha wish our birthday was on the 30th? Add shipping and tax and all that stuff ok? This is good from July 1 – July 25. Just contact me (Brandy) for SHD or contact Alena for 31 and we will get you all squared away. You can browse the South Hill Designs catalog and the Thirty-One Gifts catalog.

Here’s my little guy rocking his manly stache locket. Usually they’re for women, but come on he’s so cute! He comes and asks me for it every day.


  • If you book a catalog South Hill Designs Social with me by July 10, you’ll get an extra 3 free charms. If you book a catalog party with Alena by July 10, you’ll get an extra thermal zipper pouch. Both those are on top of the excellent hostess benefits both our companies provide. Facebook and catalog parties are super simple. Parties need be closed out by July 25!

I totaaaaally bought a zillion dollars worth of Thirty-One from Alena last month (seriously, it is amazing quality and I’m going to do a review – I knew it was nice but it was SO SO nice, I am pleased as punch). I also got a ton of hostess benefits from the party. And I got the exact booking special she is offering – the thermal pouch in Party Punch. I love this pattern! I have been taking it with me on grocery trips to store fruit in so it doesn’t rot in the heat on the walk home. (That’s a two pound box of strawberries in there!)


Double Birthday Party Favor Bash Giveaway

The Double Birthday Party Favor Bash wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have an awesome giveaway of our own. This is not an all-for-one giveaway, each prize is separate but you can enter all on the same rafflecopter and you can enter here or on Alena’s blog – same giveaway. Way too much work to do them separately!

The Prizes!

  • Julep It Girl July Box (see the whole Julep July Collection and my review of July Julep Maven Bombshell)
  • South Hill Designs Medium Silver or Gold Locket with 3 free charms
  • EcoTools Foam Applicator (for applying liquid foundation)
  • Bath & Body Works Mini Candle and Body Wash
  • Hard Candy Fitness Addicted to Sweat Workout DVD – the Booby Prize?

Free entries. Earn additional entries if you are a Faacebook fan,  follower on Bloglovin and Twitter,  tweeting the Giveaway (link in RC), for pinning the Party Invite . Or just hover over the photo and pin it. And for other stuff too! You will get a few more entries for buying our stuff if you’re doing that. Do the entries you want and come back daily to enter – and check for new giveaways and coupons up at the top!

The giveaway runs until June 24 at midnight (at night) and there are 5 winners, each will get one of the prizes, drawn in the order above. Terms & Conditions on the RC. US only!

Thanks for coming to our party!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  • georgia beckman

    My best birthday ever was on my 26th birthday. All I wanted was to get together with a bunch of family members & play my favorite card game. My mom got them all together & we did it! It was so much fun. Food, family & cards. It was a great evening!

  • Nikki Lynn Hanna

    The best birthday gift I got was for my 16th bday, my uncle got me a new Imac(lol that was almost 15 years ago)

    [email protected]

  • Anna H.

    My best birthday was traveling to Puerto Rico!

  • meme

    My best was last year when my brother and sister in law came down and took me out for the whole day it was so fun and very special.

  • kris m

    best was my 18th – with a dozen roses pink – and a diamond heart pendant from my bf

  • carlaboo11

    Worst – when I was a teen, I was suppose to meet up with my friends to celebrate. They had a cake and stuff for me at our local hangout. I ended up not being allowed to go by my parents. i was SO mad! Best – I don’t have a best. They are pretty much all the same.

  • Janelle

    My best birthday ever was this year. my son was born 2 days before my bday!

  • Megan

    My worst was when my husband and I went out to eat with my parents and ended the night at the ER because Hubbys throat closed up…. 🙁

  • Amanda Avila

    best birthday so far was this year, turning 30. my DH got my sister to surprise me on our trip to Vegas. she had never been and we had a lot of fun! then, came home to another surprise party with my girlfriends. definitely felt the love!

  • G

    My best birthday ever was the year my hubby proposed on my bday…. And another very good one was when he gave me one of my show dogs for my bday. Hope you and your friend both had a fabulous bday. Thanks for the chance to celebrate with you and win one of these awesome prizes.

  • Missy

    What a great giveaway!

  • JoBeth Butcher

    My best birthday was 2 years ago. I was so sick and didn’t even want 2 be around myself and my family brought me a care package with y favorite foods and a pamper pack! It was so sweet I loved it!

  • Jennifer at Momsgotmail

    My birthday follows close on Valentines, so I get less attention, I think. My best…probably one of my sleepover parties when my grandma told a scary story and my mother dressed up as the ghost from the story. Scared the girls, A LOT! 12th?

  • sandra davis

    when i was 16 i was begging to get a car for my birthday. i got a car but it was a toy car on top of my birthday cake…..what a bummer

  • Erica G.

    Happy Birthday to you too! What are the odds that 3 subscription box lovers were all born on the same day LOL

    Reviews Until You Drop

    • Brandy

      I think it’s totally bizarre and feel like there’s a tear in the Matrix.

  • tracey

    Best birthday was this past April. My friends surprised me with a spa day and dinner. BestEver!!!!

  • Nicole Lancaster

    My worst birthday was my 21st birthday- I went to Rocky Point, Mexico with my friends. It was a disaster from start to finish. First the our plane flight was delayed for 6 hours, then they lost my luggage, and then I got the flu or food poisoning for the whole weekend and ended up sleeping all weekend in the hotel to sick to move instead of having fun.Then of course the return flight home was delayed too.

    • Brandy

      OMG that is the worst I have ever heard 🙁 🙁 I hope you had some good ones to make up for it!

  • Mary

    Think that my best birthday ever will be this week on the 10th, turning 50!! Still feel like 25 🙂

    • Brandy

      You have our birthday!!!!!! 🙂

      • Mary

        Then it is a great day to have a Birthday! But, I bet that y’alls will not start with a 5 😉

  • Hannah

    A surprise birthday when I was a teenager…BEST!!! 🙂

  • Margaret

    My best birthday was my 30th when my then-fiance completely surprised me with a party with all of my friends and family

  • Jessica Houston

    This birthday because NO one came. I was crying at the bar.

  • Leann Lindeman

    Worst birthday… I had a fun pirate party planned for my 40th… but my daughter had kidney stones and was very sick. So big party was canceled.

  • Lori Davis

    Best birthday ever is the first birthday I spent with my now husband os 12 years. He planned a romantic picnic at the park and we had the best day.

  • Marissa M

    My best birthday was my sweet 16! Had a lovely party!!

  • TJ

    Best bday ever was turning 30 in Jamaica! the bartender’s 30th bday was actually the same day as mine!

  • Geet Maha

    Best gift was a marriage proposal and a diamond ring. Worst – None!! Very few ppl know my birthday. 🙂

  • erin t.

    Best birthday was when my husband bought me a car! Squee!

  • Em

    My best birthday was when we went on family vacation to Disneyland 🙂

  • Ryan @ Fox Tales and Ponytails

    I’m expecting to have my best birthday ever on 7/14, swimming with the wild pigs in the Bahamas!! 🙂

    • Brandy

      I didn’t realize it was your birthday month too! Or I did and I forgot. Happy Birthday!!! That sounds awesome? 🙂 Tell me more about these pigs!

  • Daily Woman (Lacey)

    My best birthday was my 16th of course. I had a great party plus I got my first car.

  • sharon shafran

    my best birthday was last year when my whole family was around me the feeling is unsurpassed by none

  • Leigh

    My favorite birthday was the first one after I met my husband (then boyfriend, of course!) Birthdays with my family are always very understated, and he bought me several gifts, and took me out to dinner, and REALLY made me feel pampered and celebrated! (and yes, he continues to do that every year!)

  • Brandy

    Oh I have a good one! My worst was when my best friend from grad school dragged us all out to this TERRIBLE hookup club so she could go makeout with some dude. ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    My best: my 10th birthday when we planned a huge pool party/luau and made sure we called everyone every couple weeks (because back then we didn’t have facebook and texting and all that and having a birthday during the summer was the kiss of death to good parties) and it was HUGE AND FANTASTIC! Fortunately the video isn’t digitized 🙂

  • Jen K

    My daughter and I share the same month while my husband and our second daughter share the same month. So we are going to end up celebrating together because we would throw a kids’ party on the weekend and it may be either mine or his bday as well. I can’t decide if that’s awesome or not. 😀
    My best bday was when I turned 26… I was going away to chase the man of my dreams as well.. so many of my friends flew in from all over and we partied all night. It was the bestest bday ever. And it was the best year too…because my husband ended up asking me to marry him and all. Blowing out candle on your bday cake and making a wish trumps all!

    • Jen K

      And your son’s pic ^^ is adorable… deliciously adorable!

      • Brandy

        I admit that I do nibble on him from time to time!! I love your story! Everyone has such different experiences with birthdays. Mine, because it’s in the summer, has always been really low key!

  • a.a.

    worst birthday ever: My 13th birthday, right before Christmas and my parents and siblings completely forgot about it. Then they simply decided not to celebrated it because it had already passed. No cards, no cake, nobody even told me “happy birthday” on that day. 🙁

    • Brandy

      OH NO! That is terrible!!! Both my kids’ birthdays are in the week before Christmas. Our problem is that get SO MUCH STUFF (and they do both birthday and xmas at several houses) that 1) too much stuff and 2) they think every day for months after they should still be getting gifts!

  • elven johnson

    I just had my B-Day….& no one showed up for my party.

  • Tara M

    My best birthday was my 30th my husband took me away to a spa soooo nice!

  • Kathy L.

    When my niece was little, like 4 years old, she started to cry every time we sang happy birthday. Not only on her birthday, but on everyone’s birthday! She would just slink under the table until we stopped. She is grown now and we still tease her.

  • Gina F.

    Best Birthday hands down was this year. My husband had taken my two little boys shopping at my favorite store and let them pick out gifts for me. It was adorable and funny to see what they thought I would like….which I love.

    • Brandy

      What did they pick out? I am dying to know!

  • Linda

    My worst birthday was last year – my college-aged daughter was taking me to dinner and got really sick and we had to go back home. She felt so bad – and I felt awful for her! But I’ve had lots of good ones…….Hope yours is great!