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ThursdayThoughts1-1024x1024I’m linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom today for Thursday Thoughts.

  • I’m either an awesome or terrible mom for letting my kids eat the Skoshbox for dinner. It was so much fun!!! I am going with awesome because when it was over my kids wanted to eat some fruit! So we ate a bunch of kiwi (and you should totally get the zyliss thin skin peeler in the photo – it really is totally insanely awesome even though it’s super limited purpose). Yeah that’s my Amazon link. And obvs I totally bought this.


  • I  didn’t get caught up on TV. Don’t tell me anything about SYTYCD yet!!! Or the Thrones Finale. Or the first two episodes of True Blood. Gah! Why am I blogging (I write this at night!) instead of watching my shows?!
  • I didn’t take my exam last Friday (an 8 hour take-home). Instead I did it Sunday night 9:30pm-5:30am. That was awesome. Awesome as in completely horrifying, but I finished and those hours are largely child free!
  • We actually squeezed in a ton of organizing this past week even though I was really jammed on time, and that made me happy. Especially when my daughter said over and over thank you so much mommy for getting us these nice toy bags because it makes cleaning up more fun. That was not a response I expected!
  • I think I have enough Fancy credits for a free box??? What should I get?
  • What else made me happy – my kids love our new babysitter so much that my daughter got up Monday morning (while I was passed out), got a stool, liberated her art supplies, and made her a card. With lots of glitter. It was too cute.
  • Alena & I have been working SUPER DUPER HARD on our amazing Blog Birthday Party: The Double Birthday Party Favor Bash! (Thanks Danica for those Hand-Picked Words!)  We have boxes to giveaway thanks to our awesome Double Birthday Party Favor Bash sponsors, awesome deals on South Hill Designs and Thirty-One (from me and Alena, respectively!), and lots of birthday themed posts! And yes we really do have the exact same birthday and we would show you our driver’s licenses but I can assure you – you don’t really want to see mine. So totally follow me and The Pidala Family 5 so you can come to our party!
    • (I almost forgot, today is the last day to pick up that free Klutchclub Mom box (pay $8 shipping – totally totally worth it!). And yes, you WILL see KLUTCHclub during the party! Not gettin’ a thing for saying that except one of you is getting a box!)
  • My husband is visiting in 6 days, I am so excited. And also Spicy Subscriptions is sending me a review box just in time. and I have new undies from Splendies and MeUndies on the way. AHEM. TMI BRANDY T-M-I! (How am I supposed to *review* it without all the pertinent parties present?).
  • I got “promoted” as a South Hills Designs Artist to Team Builder. My first couple months have gone really well and I have a team and everything. I thought it was so awesome that I named my team “Team ‘Stache” (everyone else is charmy warmy whatever and I’m like no, it’s gotta be ‘stache) and then my baby wore this necklace to celebrate.  (He got really mad that he didn’t have one and I totally believe in locket equality! I am a bad mom for not making him one right off the bat!) It’s a cowboy hat and a mustache in a mini rose gold locket and he was a total baller wearing it.



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  • Kati

    So this is totally creepy but in my defense this post showed up in the bottom of your Thrudsday Thoughts for today! This picture of your son makes me want to eat him up! So freaking cute!!!!

    • Brandy

      Awwww he’s such a big guy now! And pretty darned handsome!