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ThursdayThoughts1-1024x1024I’m linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom today for Thursday Thoughts.


I have an awesome giveaway going on: Mama Lana Subscription Box Giveaway. Please enter because Mama Lana is giving away a box to one of my readers 🙂 It’s open until June 30.

Also, I have a quick little post up on Google Reader alternatives. If you haven’t decided yet, now is a good time. Do it before July! I would love it if you followed me to keep up on all my great reviews and deals. Make sure to come back on Saturdays for my roundup post!

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I just now got in an exclusive coupon for Skoshbox. Use MOMMY17 for a free mystery gift in your first box. Expires July 15 (cutoff date for your first box).

MUST READ post on ThredUP terms change. Please read before you send in anything.


I have my favorite SYTYCD contestant but I am two episodes behind (which is four hours of television). I think I might die if he isn’t in the top 20.

I got all my 31 stuff in from my Thirty One Gifts Blog Party with Alena. I am so glad I did that (man did I do some SERIOUS shopping but hey I got free stuff too!). Alena & I have been having so much fun chatting on Facebook and getting to know each other better. That’s the best part of blogging, you know? Meeting new peeps. Plus she shares my birthday. Instant Bond!

Anyways, sooooo busy. I have an exam tomorrow (I’m in grad school still, remember?). And I mostly haven’t had time to play with my stuff although I did unpack some of it and immediately reorganize a shelf in my closet! I mostly bought stuff to re-do one of our rooms into a work/craft/school area and my husband will be here in two weeks (just to visit) and yes indeedy he will be assisting on that project. I just want to get the “bones” done one night (need to break down the crib – my kiddo climbs out now!) and then organize it all later – probably during the day while he is playing with the kids!

I’m super into organizing right now, although I haven’t done much of it. You’ll probably see more organizing posts from me. I inspired myself with my Stuff Parents Need Guest post on chores for toddlers & preschoolers. I want to do more whole life posts! I am not a naturally organized or clean person. You would know this if you saw my place. But I try really hard. I’m just a normal person. I posted some stuff on eBay and sent books in to Amazon for trade-in. That made me feel super accomplished.

The box that made me the happiest ever was my gift from Jared! No that is not Jared jewelers, Jared the person. He is one totally cool dude. And I have a dude blog reader. That’s awesome. HAAAAY Jared! Even my husband doesn’t read my blog. That’s probably a good thing. I am also wild about the June SeasonsBox. It was insanely good.

Speaking of blog, I broke my blog earlier this week. That sucked. Fortunately I figured out how I broke it before I had to roll it back with Bluehost (yes, I do all the design & customization myself and thanks Jennifer for the hosting recommendation!). But I got a snazzy new share-y bar on the left side out of the whole thing. And I have cool new disclosure buttons at the top of my posts.

Since we were all chatting about ThredUP last week, you should know that I got kind of a crappy ThredUP payout right after that. If I could hold a yard sale, I would, but I live in an apartment. We don’t have a yard. Whatever works. Can’t keep the baby clothes forever. I’m getting old.

And my babies. I had a really successful first week as a stay at home mom, although I had a sitter for part of the week because of school stuff. But the time I spent with them was totally precious, and our preschool time went really well. I ordered up another 9 months of Mother Goose Time. It’s definitely my priciest subscription box (and no, there’s no referral or affiliate link or anything, which of course I use all over my blog, but you can save 15% if you order 9+ months at a time) but the best and worth every single cent I spend on it. My daughter surprised the crap out of me by sight reading April’s book on coyotes (and I know it was mostly sight reading because she can read “coyote”). Yes, April. We are really far behind because of travel. I want to wrap up that unit, zoom through May, and then we have the two months of summer camp (art & inventing) to do. We didn’t get the June A-Z month. Oh well. We will catch up because I’ll probably do school with them on the weekends too. They just thrive so much on a consistent routine.

Whew, that was a whole lot of thinking. Back to work, y’all. Oh yeah, you should know that Mother Goose Time Prices go up in July. Order now if you’re going to do it. Here’s the themes for this year! I gotta say, I can’t wait for baby animals 🙂 Seriously if you are a stay at home mom (especially with more than one kid) this is the kids’ box you should get.



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  • Jared

    Oh hai dere.

  • Alena

    Alright, I think you have twisted my arm with the Mother Goose site. I really think I may order it! Molly is young, but I think she would benefit from it! I have loved getting to know you also! Thank you for being so kind and helpful, and Im SO happy you loved your Thirty-One goodies! They are awesome! 🙂