Thursday Thoughts

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I’m linking up with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom today for Thursday Thoughts.


Today I’m thinking I’m getting caught up. I’ve been really really sick. Gross sick. Stupidly sick. I finally got down some food yesterday past my giant tonsils and that made me feel a whole lot better! I totally wrote that yesterday feeling all optimistic. I couldn’t eat actual food that could be swallowed. I triumphantly downed 5 Medifast meals, all drinks and soups. It took me working at it constantly all day to achieve that feat.

And this morning I got sent to an ENT because they thought I needed surgery. NO SURGERY TODAY, YAY! Instead I got new antibiotics, steroids, and Lortabs. YEAH!

So what do we have cooking this week?

  • Hmmm. I’m thinking a little self promotion is in order.  People should buy stuff from my Thirty-One Gifts party. Because Organization is ALWAYS in Style. I just made that up. I think I’m still sick. Oh yeah there’s also a Thirty-One giveaway associated with my party.
  • I didn’t even do a Minus Monday post this week. I’m still getting caught up on reviews, which do comprise the most major part of my blog.  But I will tell you that I have lost at least 60 pounds since starting and OMG I am so excited I fit into my wedding dress!  Too bad I forgot my shoes (I’m wearing it to my cousin’s wedding, don’t freak out, it’s blue!!). I’m thinkin that is really flippin awesome.
  • Strep throat sucks, period. I thought I had it before. I don’t remember being this sick. Mono wasn’t this bad either. Neither were 2 c-sections. I have never felt so close to death, I mean it.
  • I said I would post my June locket on Tuesday, but I got it out last night. My thought this Thurs is that it’s super purty! Check it out: South Hill Designs Locket of the Month!
  • I feel dumb for constantly being late with my posts. Even if I have been sicky sick.
  • I was really bummed to hear about this Julep DD cream (is it DD? I CAN’T KEEP TRACK OF THIS CRAP) air in the tubes business. Maybe they could put a tad bit more product in the tubes if they put them in normal size tubes.
  • I just now got my Julep in the mail
  • My Thursday thoughts are illness-ravaged and drug-addled. Looking forward to those Lortabs from the pharmacy. I shouldn’t be awake. Someone tell me they will knock me out!
  • I heard back from the winner of the South Hill Designs Giveaway – her name is Tiffany P. Sorry to everyone who didn’t win this time!
  • I rilly rilly want to open my Julep but I’m too tired. And hungry. But I still can’t eat. This is too hard.
  • And seriously I don’t have the brain power to decide on my Julep Destination Mystery Box. Can someone pick for me? PLEEEEASE?


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  • Brandy

    p.s. After I had the lortabs i was able to fascinating things like drink water and eat without horrible excruciating pain. it helped a LOT!

  • Brandy

    I feel SOOOOO much better now!! It’s like I only have a cold. If I hadn’t gone in today, no doubt I would be in surgery tomorrow!

    Still undecided about my mystery box, but I haven’t gotten one in a while, so I think I will this time. It looks fun to me!

  • Ryan @ Fox Tales and Ponytails

    Ugh….. Crazy to still be that sick! At least you got some of the good drugs now! 😉 seriously, though, hope you’re better soon! And I picked Miami! 😀

  • Shelby

    Hope you feel better soon!! btw, I LOVE your locket! Sooo cute. I’m thinking I need one of these for my birthday or something.

    I so wish I didn’t skip this month’s Julep. Oh well, I shall live vicariously through others and not have pretty nails. lol.

  • Jennifer V.

    OMG I hope you start feeling better soon! That’s crazy!!!

    I am debating the Julep Mystery Box. One AMAZING one and I’d get them every time, but I always get the lower end ones. Which is fine because it’s an amazing deal, but I just don’t know…..