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Subscription Box Stuff

I’m wrapping up the last of my May reviews today and tomorrow. Finally. I know I’ll have to play catchup when I get home, but I feel like I’m digging myself out of this hole. I’m cutting back on some of my boxes this month and trying some new ones, I hope.  And/or focusing on some other splurges, like organization. And that’s why I did the Thirty-One Party! (see below). Hey, I know some of you are here just for boxes. So you can skip organization stuff.  But ultimately my blog is about what I’m into and I hope other people are into it too. Or at least find it amusing.

OMG don’t forget May Trash & Treasure! I’m giving away flat stuff. Seriously. I haven’t promoted this giveaway AT ALL so there are all of 30 entries in it. And also, it’s flat stuff, so maybe you’re just not that into it.  NOTE TO SUBSCRIPTION BOX COMPANIES, WE JUST AREN’T INTO THE FLAT STUFF OK?

Strep Stuff

Speaking of hole, I have an extra one in my mouth. Don’t ask. It’s disgusting. Fortunately I have a 14 day course of some of the strongest antibiotics known to man.  So strong that it’s causing me to bruise all over my body. As long as this nasty strep filth goes away, I don’t even care.

Medifast Stuff

Also, I haven’t eaten in like a week. Don’t go there. So Minus Monday, not happening. There is no diet because I’ve barely eaten. Ok, I take it back, I was able to get some food in tonight. I keep on turning corners here.  Looking back on the past week, I was so so so sick I didn’t know how sick I was. I was able to get 2 Medifast meals in tonight and it didn’t make me cry to eat them. That was awesome because I’ve really missed my brownies. I love my Medifast brownies. But also, just FYI, I ate two famous amos cookies this week. Because they didn’t make me cry. And chicken salad. Because it didn’t make me cry. Regular chicken? MAKES ME CRY. Medifast Bars? MAKE ME CRY. Medifast Pretzels? DON’T EVEN GO THERE. But you know, since until like yesterday I couldn’t even drink water without crying food hasn’t been a primary concern. I am hoping that I can get a full day’s food in tomorrow. Working up to Medifast levels of food is actually kind of funny. I’m also on Lortabs. Everything is funny.

South Hill Designs Stuff

I’ve been super busy with family stuff and also South Hill Designs Socials while I have been home. It’s totally wild seeing everyone go nuts at the socials. I have to admit, I’m not into selling to family (I did make them wear them everywhere, which is totally different). However, my aunt pried 2 lockets out of me, while my cousins are working on several more. Who am I to stop them? My aunt customized her two lockets in about ten minutes flat before rushing out the door to catch up to my uncle (who had biked 100 miles that morning and gleefully stolen my May Kona Kase loot to take with him).  I know I’m closing out a social this week so if you want to customize a locket too, contact me with your order and all that so you can save $$$ on shipping! Oh heck free shipping for my regular blog readers. But you have to order through me personally, not through my website.

Kids Stuff

My kids are good. They never want to go home. It’s cousin nirvana here. I’m so excited because we got photos of all the great-grands together last night.

Thirty-One Gifts Stuff

There’s like a day left to enter the Thirty-One Giveaway. You can get loads of extra entries for buying stuff at my Thirty-One Blog Party. And if you don’t, that’s ok too. Because I’m getting me some serious Utility Tote action on. I have barely been home in two months. My house is a wreck. A WRECK. I’m still deciding what else I need, but I am now also thinking this room for two utility tote to help corral the stuffed animal madness in my daughter’s room.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 11.54.22 PM

Yes, I’m totally obsessed with this print. I think it will match the vibe in her room. I also want to organize everything else in there. I just don’t know where to start.



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