Sunday Smile: Target Clearance Trip

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Woooo it was hot out there but we walked to the mall for a Target clearance trip. Can anyone tell me why I went on a Sunday afternoon? Because that was insane.  Had lotsa fun riding the rides outside of Target, plus we picked up just a few items on clearance!


After Target we went to Costco (yes we have a Target & Costco IN the mall!) for frozen yogurt, and blueberries and a honeydew.  It was really really hot and I got sunburnt despite liberal application of sunblock. Fortunately the kids were well protected under the hoods of their giant double stroller.

On clearance at Target we got…

2 hot dog trays for $1.98 each. These were on sale for 50% off. Unlike normal kids’ seasonal tableware it is microwave safe. I loved the ketchup & mustard compartments.  A read most of the tray to me! I am so proud of her learning to read!


He looks terribly unhappy here. Probably because I took a picture instead of opening his new Big Boots figures. We got each pack for $2.98 (also half off). They go with this Big Boots firetruck, which he is mad over. I just looked and it’s still on sale for 15 and change at Amazon and such a steal. The kids have played with it nonstop for about two weeks now. They are wild over the idea of launching the figures that always land on their feet.

Picked up anything good at Target lately? What did you get?

And how could I forget? I got a half-pound block of Cabot cheese for $1.04. I have an eagle eye for clearance stickers!



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