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IMG_7481I had the hugest South Hill Designs social last night! It was awesome and I had so much fun (and the best chicken salad in the world… If you ever visit Panama City, Florida, let me know and I’ll give you all the details!).  We did BFF lockets and steampunk lockets and twinsie lockets (and yes, I will be posting all of these to get your creative juices flowing!). And nurse lockets and hair stylist lockets and lockets that told everyone’s story.

It was totally awesome. It was so busy I have to say I was pretty overwhelmed  at first. (I got over it!)  The South Hill Designs lockets are darling and everyone loved playing with them. It was so fun to help everyone build what they wanted.

Just a head’s up, I’m putting in Social orders on Monday or Tuesday (or both, I have two to close out) and if you want to take advantage of my offer for free shipping on South Hill Designs orders for blog readers for June and get your locket ASAP let me know by this weekend so I can order everything! You must order through me directly to take advantage of that. When I place a direct order, all the items come straight to me so I can put your locket together for you and send it out.  Also, if you would like to see a locket first and want to make a wish-list, I can add charms I don’t have to my inventory – but I need to know what they are before I place my order.

Also, please remember that if you (or your pals too if you want to get them to join in the fun) want to order over $200 worth, I am able to offer you free jewelry credits and half priced items and open your own social.

Thanks for reading my blog and supporting me!  I’m almost to a Team Builder promotion in my South Hill Designs business, which I think is pretty awesome! (And if you’re wondering, most of my sales are in person sales, not through my blog). If you want to join up too or want more information about South Hill Designs, just write me and I can get you started. You can see I’m not too crazy about my display. You can do foofy, or you can do simple. I choose simple!


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