Isn’t strep throat for children?

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So yesterday I was trying to get this really boring complex reading done for my Monday night class. Because instead of doing my reading on Sunday night like I was supposed to because the internet literally exploded and I could. Not. Wait. To watch Game of Thrones. I figured oooh it’s fine my children will totally leave me alone while I am trying to do important work. Bwahahahah.

Ok. So obviously that reading didn’t happen. I got 10 out of 150 pages read. Go me! But that wasn’t the point of this story. I was attempting to get this done and I started feeling really crappy. Like chills, fever, aches, stiffness. I had an itchy throat the night before which I guess was a sign, but I have never become so ill so quickly. It was terrible but I still had to go to class (first one of the summer – bad things happen when you miss the first class).


I rocked back and forth in my chair for 3 hours. I almost cried several times. I do not know what I had but it was BAD. I left class multiple times. The professors must have thought I was totally nuts. I don’t think I could have made it home if my new roomie hadn’t picked me up last night. We got home, I sent a couple emails, forced down a Medifast brownie, (I really can’t go a day without one but my throat was on fire!) and I went to sleep fully clothed. And with lots of blankets.

I woke up this morning still feeling like death. I almost cried when one of my kids wouldn’t let me sit down. Talk about being a train wreck. I don’t think it helped that they got up at 6. They just won’t sleep. Then I went into the intense sweating phase (what’s that all about?) and was finally able to wrangle 2 heavy suitcases, 2 giant car seats, and 2 little kids up the stairs and into a limo (seriously it is the same price as a taxi to the airport!).


It is really a miracle I pulled this off today. I couldn’t even move the suitcases off my bed last night. So as I spent our time at the airport looking longingly at these stupid pretzels, I had to remind myself, I am stronger than this. Besides, I couldn’t swallow them if I tried!


So we got to Florida, I passed out again, and woke up feeling worse. Doc says I have one of the worst cases he’s ever seen. Do it right or don’t do it at all??

This story has no moral.

Update – I don’t know if I actually published this or not. I am still in a strep stupor. I’ll be out of it soon. I hope.


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  • Ryan

    Omg. There is nothing worse than strep. I don’t remember ever having it as a kid? but it has knocked me and my husband completely on our *sses more than once over the last few years. The worst. Hopefully they gave u the antobiotic butt shot! Hope you feel better soon!!

    • Brandy

      Alas, no, just penicillin tablets (TABLETS! only sheer force of will is getting those down). There was a brand new urgent care clinic that opened day before yesterday very near my folks’ place, so we went there. They probably just didn’t have the shot there. And then Walgreens kept on trying to process my insurance that was 2 years old. Without asking me. And then they send my grandpa home with 2 prescriptions instead of 3. Grrr!

      But yeah, basically I had no idea how terrible strep throat was. I thought I had it once but it must have been mild. This is ridiculous.

      My husband has his tonsils out so he doesn’t get it. I’m convinced that this came from my MIL’s house. It’s like a strep breeding ground. I’m going to swab next time I’m there, I swear.