May Juniper Box Review

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It’s May Juniper box time! I got my May Juniper tampons & treats box and although it is gone, I still have a review to do!

Juniper is a tampon and treats box that comes with all your monthly supplies, pain relief, and stuff to make your period a little less annoying. Or to celebrate it in all its glory. Whatever floats your boat.  It is a premium box with premium goods, including period tracking. Juniper is $28/month plus free shipping.

If you are interested in signing up for (or gifting) Juniper, visit! If there’s a place on the signup form let Juniper know that MommySplurge sent you!


This month Lynn’s Letter said the box was a little different. I’ll be the judge of that!20130526-235841.jpg

What’s inside the May Juniper Box?

First, our information card! The Juniper information card always has just enough information on the items that are inside of the box, plus a note to let you know which companies were began by women.


When you open the box, you’ll see your tampons on the left and food pack on the right. Underneath is a little gold satchel with your other supplies – liners and pain relief.


Tulsi Tea – Hibiscus, Signature Blend, and Chamomile Flower. I liked how these were all very soothing teas. As usual, three honey sticks from GloryBee Honey – blackberry, mango, and mint.20130526-235912.jpg

Dried Montmorency Cherries. These were really delicious. Should I also say something about them being prune-like in their effects? I thought they were a good choice for a period box because women are prone to digestive upset (or not-set, or just nothing happening) during that TOM.20130526-235917.jpg

Pretzel Crisps. Love these. perfect for a period salt fix. This is a really small bag. Which is probably good because it is carbs. But salty delicious carbs.20130526-235920.jpg

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter blend pouch. Should come labeled – for emergency use only! 🙂 Also perfect. Also, don’t eat it on the pretzel crisps. That’s just going too far. Did you do that?20130526-235927.jpg

Clean Getaway Soap Co Lip Balm. Loved this inclusion in the box. I personally enjoy a pampering item instead of all food. This one was a firm balm and thus great for summer when things tend to get a bit melty!


And that’s May Juniper Box!


Should you splurge?

This box was definitely a little different but by the time I laid out everything for the “box shot” I really liked it! I appreciated the different tastes and flavors and textures that went into this box. That being said, I also wished there had been a little more to the box. Maybe an extra packet of crisps or cherries, or something to give it a little more oomph. There was no ZOMG moment for me in this box, which has been true of all of my other Juniper Box Reviews. Maybe that’s my problem, I already know all the foods in the box?  I did really like the lip balm. I am hoping for an aromatherapy roller sometime. That would be really up my alley. And I need one. Or anything to help me de-stress.

To find out more about Juniper or to sign up, go to


Juniper comes with your products, treats and indulgences, and things to make your period easier (pain relief!). When you sign up with Juniper you tell it anything special about your period and your preferred products.



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