June Skoshbox Review and Coupon

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Skoshbox is a brand new Japanese candy, snack, and “other” (like fun Japanese stationery) sampler. It is $12 per month and you are totally insane if you don’t buy this box. I got Skoshbox for free to review. Thanks Skoshpeople! You can sign up for Skoshbox here. Skoshbox sent out reviews to a slew of bloggers, hoping to get us all hooked and they did an awesome job. (psssst Skoshbox my birthday is next month, just sayin’)


Currently you can snag a free mystery gift in your first Skoshbox using exclusive coupon code MOMMY17. This coupon must be used by July 15 – the last date to sign up for the launch box!


June Skoshbox Review

First, before we get to Skoshbox, I have some Vine videos and with them are pictures of some of the items in the box. My children tried every single thing in the box and ate about 95% of the entire thing.

I fed my kids the Skoshbox for dinner (hey, why not, it was so fun!) and afterwards my daughter asked if we could now have some food that makes us healthy. Yay! But seriously, our Skoshbox experience was like traveling to Japan with our tastebuds and a really fun experience for me and my kids. There were tons of flavors and textures that were unfamiliar to them and because of the Japanese packaging they were so receptive to the experience. I totally recommend it and Skoshbox made it so easy to do for just twelve bucks.


So Skoshbox has this information card and when you look at the items and the card it is a little overwhelming but I promise when you start tasting everything it is totally apparent what it is (except we have no clue what the corn puff thingy flavors were). One of the items was different than what was on the card, but Skoshbox told me this could be the case because it was a review box. So no panties in a wad because it was different!

Skoshbox travel

Also, this box is so cute and packed so well. It ships from Hawaii and those treats are really straight from Japan!


We started with Umaibo. It WAS dinner after all (savory corn puff thingys). A tried a bite. E loved it. What a dude! He ate both. Then we did the strawberry candy (haichu) and the soy rice crackers (senbei). And the Koala’s March chocolate cream filled cookies were a hit. (did I need to tell you that?)



HAY IF YOU’RE READING THIS IN A NEWS READER OR EMAIL YOU GOTTA CLICK THROUGH FOR THE VIDEOS! (there’s probably some fancy way of doing that but it’s late)

The kids weren’t huge fans of the Kaki no Tane. E did eat some of the crackers, A skipped those.IMG_7776

I generally tried to make the kids conform to sweet-savory alternating.  M&M like candy.  But way cooler because they have cute pictures and nice colors.


And the chocoball candy.


Milk Hard Candy (which was firmish but not scary for kids but obviously people, supervise your children when they eat!).


Orion Beer Nuts (really good)



In the video my daughter is asking why the nuts are so spicy

We finally got to the Look bar and Vine ate half the video. I was afraid they wouldn’t like the green tea/bean mixture but they ate it like champs!

Gratuitous Look Chocolate Bar photos. The green/cream dots indicate that the center columns of chocolate are different than the outside ones.

IMG_7781 IMG_7782 IMG_7783 IMG_7784


We finished off the dinner with Orange bubble gum. I think they swallowed it. E fed the gum to one of the Playmobil knights. You can sign up for Skoshbox here. Don’t forget – sign up for a free mystery gift in your first Skoshbox using exclusive coupon code MOMMY17. This coupon must be used by July 15 – the last date to sign up for the launch box! And thanks Skoshbox for this awesome night with my kids!



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  • Katherine

    I was trying to sign up for the subscription for my fires birthday with your coupon code “MOMMY17″… The site said the coupon code is invalid

  • Ryan @ Fox Tales and Ponytails

    How fun is that??? My kids would probably eat anything from those cute anime packages!! Lol!

    • Brandy

      Yes, it was definitely visually appealing for them. I also think eating the whole box at once had a greater impact than parceling it out! I could also see a box company doing a tastes of… and doing one country a month. I would love that. Except they probably wouldn’t be as fun as Japanese snacks. Which are the most fun.