June Love With Food Review

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June Love With Food‘s theme is Summer Beach Bash and it was everything to pack for a day at the beach! The Love With Food food sampling boxes are $12 per box but you can get a box free by using coupon code FBGIFT. Sweet! Just pay an eensy $2 for shipping. You can sign up for Love With Food using my link. Thank you!!!

What’s in the June Love With Food Box?

An nformation card with all the information! I love the Love With Food information card. Just the right size, just the right amount of stuff.


Also, how do they get all this stuff into the box? I sure do love those cute crabby crabs.


Seaweed Love Roasted Seaweed – Just because we are going to the beach doesn’t mean we need to eat the beach. Thumbs down, grody. And yes, I re-tried seaweed again the other month because I am a big girl and yucky gross.


Smooze Coconut + Mango Fruit Ice – This is so much fun, we used to have the Minute Maid ones all the time, but this is a much better flavor. I’ll have to put it into two bowls for two kiddos.


Do More Bars Gluten-Free Pineapple Coconut Cereal Bar and SoyJoy All-Natural Fruit and Soy Bar in Pineapple – Great beachy flavors. Not a SoyJoy fan myself, but these bars are in the kids’ snack box already.


Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears – Thankfully just a small bag. I try to avoid candy. At least it’s organic!


Turbana Sweet Plantain Chips – These should be awesome. IMG_7581

PUR Gum Pomegranate Mint Chewing Gum – With Xylitol! I can’t believe it doesn’t hawk that on the outside too. It’s good for your teeth. This gum tasted really good but it was a bit HARD. I preferred the flavor, but not the texture, to my Bulu Box Xyloburst (which I have a ton of because of my rewards points!).


GoOrganic Organic Hard Candy.


Flavrz Organic Drink Mix – I got a ton of this in June Conscious Box, but that’s ok, I think it’s going to be GREAT for outings!IMG_7587

NakedWines.com $50 Gift Card (not shown)20130616-135327.jpg

I really loved the Love With Food Box. It was super fun, I loved the theme, and I think my kids will really enjoy this box. Except the Seaweed. Eeew.  Love With Food Boxes are $12 month. Use coupon code FBGIFT to get your first box free, just pay the $2 shipping charge. TOTALLY worth it! I would love it if you signed up for Love With Food using my link (you know, if you were signing up anyways!).


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  • Jared

    How did you not love the seaweed? I like seaweed and those snacks were a hit for me. They were a lot like the seasnax, which I also like.

    • Brandy

      I don’t like seaweed, fish, mushrooms, coffee, tea, raw cucumbers, and stinky cheese. The seasnax are the ones I tried. I did try. I have read that those are all related tastes. I can’t handle them.