Hits & Misses – the week that we found Onion Joy

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Ok, everyone can tell that we are back in business now, right? And I even have my Saturday Hits & Misses edition. Sweet! If you’re new to these parts, Hits & Misses is my little weekly wrap up!  Of course I can’t link to everything so subscribe to MommySplurge!

Happy-Sad Stuff

This week has been a funny week. A lot of personal upheaval. My best friend is moving away. I am going to vacation in Florida to forget about her. I kid. I already have the sniffles, but she has an awesome new job in a city that she loves! My husband, who works far away, got his contract extended three more months, basically guaranteeing he’ll be gone through the end of the year (it just gets busier!). We are going to be racking up some miles. And my best friend from grad school trip 2 is moving in with me this weekend.

That’s right. I am getting a roommate!  She has 8 (!) younger siblings and will not even notice my kids and their detritus. And we are both saving some money and keeping each other company. Yay!

Do we like the hits or the misses first?


  • It was lame of me not to sign up for Lootcrate months ago. I bought the May Lootcrate don’t panic towel from a fellow blogger. Is that lame? My best friend emailed me immediately after I posted it. She’s so jealous. To fix this terrible hole in my life, I signed up. You can sign up using my link. Thanks!!! So I turned this miss into a hit!
  • Not a box I review I do but mommebox was so heinously bad I feel like calling them out.
  • Cravebox went under. Everyone is freaking but. I thought it was kind of a meh box. I like all the weird stuff I guess.


  • You can still use coupon code MOMMYSPLUR to get 20% off each of the Familyhood sites (Soap.com, Wag.com, Vine.com, etc) you haven’t shopped yet. Sweeeet. I’m not walking to the store in this heat pushing the double stroller uphill both ways. Grody. Just put the code in the box in your shopping cart.
  • I had amazing customer service from Honest Company this week. Over twitter and email. I know, right? I think I am on their problem child list though.
  • I got guac in a box in my May Goodies box. That made me stupid happy.
  • We have a winner for April’s trash & treasure, just waiting for confirmation!
  • Onion. Joy. From May Healthy Surprise box. Wow. Best thing I’ve tasted all year? Loved the entire box. It’s a must have.
  • How can I forget the insane geniuses at Citrus Lane? We opened two of them this week: April and May and the kids were wild about both. They totally freak out. They love opening boxes and they love Citrus Lane.

New South Hill Designs Store!

  • I’ve been getting orders. Thank you!!!! Next week I will have the June locket up. It’s going to be totally awesome (I hope!). Too bad I won’t have the rocking new ‘stache charms, but you can bet that the mustache will be featured soon.
  • If you want to order, you can go directly to shop South Hill Designs. You might find it helpful to check out the catalog first. Email me if you want me to put a locket together to show you! Sweeeeet.


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  • Jennifer V.

    Totally cracking up about mommebox.

  • Jodi Flaherty

    Loving your site! I am sorry to hear about your best friend leaving! I love half way across the country from mine, but every time we speak, it is like no time has passed!