May Birchbox Review

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Yeah, I know I just squeezed in the April Birchbox review right before this one came. It’s so much Birchbox love all at once we can hardly stand it!  It seems like we don’t have any sort of theme this month, am I missing something? That’s ok, because I really just like trying new stuff.


The back of the card had an ad-lib. Here’s mine – I always open my Birchbox in my living room. The first thing I do is look at everything with squee and THEN take a picture. The sample I am most excited about is the Coola moisturizer. I love the pigment in the eye pencil. I have to share the hair mask with bestie.


What’s in the May Women’s Birchbox?

I got Isaac Mizrahi Fabulous Perfume and this wee little Sumita Eyeliner in black (um, thankful I didn’t get green).  The Sumita Eyeliner is like super mega dark and pigmented. I put it on before a baby shower and was like gaaagh, rockstar babyshower! So I layered a coppery eyeshadow over it and it was fab. I liked the Mizrahi. Probably not like a signature perfume for me, but I liked it – mandarin, jasmine, and vanilla. I was thrilled with this sample because it was a wee little spray bottle, not a pour out kind.


Amika Nourishing Mask for my hair. My hair doesn’t need nourishing or deep conditioning. Because it’s FINE Birchbox. FINE FINE FINE. Does anyone else with fine hair feel this way? I do everything I can to make it bigger, not smoother (and hence smaller). Those little hairs need to repel each other, not love each other.20130513-082828.jpg

Marvis Toothpaste. I forgot to pack this for our trip but I can’t wait to try this British import. Everyone says Marvis tastes the best (although I’m pretty partial to Crest Rainbow Sparkle. or Sparkle Fun. But I call it Rainbow Sparkle, ok?. Yes, Really.)


A pen! ooooh. Not as thrilling as last month’s Birchbox Find. Honestly before I realized it was an actual pen for writing, I thought it was for my teeth, which I was way more excited about.


Coola Classic Moisturizer SPF 30 for Face. I forgot to take an individual picture of this one, but it’s in the main shot. This is the one I am really excited about this because I love garden/vegetable scents on my body products and I need my SPF to moisturize!


Should you splurge?

I thought this was a great little box this month. Birchbox is inexpensive enough so even if I hate the entire box I still don’t feel bad about getting it. If you’re not a subscriber, you can use my link to sign up for Birchbox (thanks!) but you’ll need to wait a month or two to get in off the wait list!  I do hope Birchbox returns to some sort of theme, and finds a better Birchbox Find than a PEN! That’s kinda silly and doesn’t add very much value.


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