May Birchbox Man Review: All Grown Up

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I’m squeezing in May’s Men’s Birchbox just in the nick of time! This month’s theme (unlike May’s Birchbox for women) was obvious! It’s “all grown up,” in celebration of the one year men’s anniversary! If you want to check them out, you can see all my previous Birchbox Man subscription box reviews!

Along with the regular information card, there was a giant foldout flow chart to solve all your male grooming quandaries (and to teach those guys a thing or two about their Birchbox accounts)! It was helpful to me too. I still haven’t spent any Birchbox points. Because I don’t know how to BEST optimize the points, free items, and all that yet.


I loved how the flowchart tried to be inclusive towards every sort of man.


What’s in May Men’s Birchbox?

This box is devoted to being a grownup. For Birchbox I think that means expensive drawers (read on!).
Molton Brown re-charge black pepper body wash. This was yummy, spicy, peppery, and just all man. Yum. I made my husband use this immediately. I may buy him an entire bottle.

Benjo’s waxed cotton shoelaces. My husband would probably use these over his dead body. They are likely fine shoe laces, but orange isn’t really so much of a grown up color. As much as I love Birchbox, sometimes I question their choices for the average professional men. 20130524-201501.jpg

Coola classic sunscreen in cucumber. Coola cucumber. Get it? I got this in my May Birchbox, but I am totally fine with that. I have my products and he has his! I love the smell of this one!

Bread & Boxers boxer briefs. These have a retail value of $18 and form most of the value of this box. I wish that the value was in something besides underwear because I can get perfectly comfy drawers for him at Costco that my husband loves. I guess he can save these for a date night, just like the ladies do!20130524-201510.jpg

Benta berry G-1 exfoliating facial cleanser. I thought this was very very nice. It had a completely neutral smell and some exfoliating crystals but not too many. My husband enjoyed using it!20130524-201514.jpg

And that’s the Men’s Birchbox for May! What did you think? Does every man – even one in both ZZ Top & Hell’s Angels (see the flowchart) fit the Birchbox Man profile? Am I lame for just wanting to buy my husband cheap undies?20130524-201818.jpg

Should you splurge?

Men’s Birchbox is always easily over its retail price tag of $20 per month! My husband loves having unique products just for him instead of trying to figure out mine. Plus, since he’s still working out of state, this regular delivery lets him know that I am thinking of him :). I think I am going to keep a bottle of that Molton Brown black pepper body wash at home for when he visits. If I could waggle my brows, I would be doing that right now!


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