Costco Membership Discount/Coupon Deal on Zulily!

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Zulily is offering a deal to become a new Costco member or to upgrade your current Gold Star or Business Membership to an Executive Membership (that’s what we have!) for only $55. That’s the normal price, but with this deal you get…

  • a FREE Kirkland Signature rotisserie chicken (yum, I buy one most weeks)
  • a FREE Kirkland Signature 48 pack of batteries (we use these, they are great)
  • and a FREE Kirkland Signature water 35 count case

If you were thinking or planning it, now is an excellent time! You can go here to pick up the special Costco deal! If you are a regular blog reader you know I am a Costco freak. We have one a ten minute walk from our place and I go once a week. It’s my primary everything store! I don’t know how people live without Costco and especially Costco cashews. Did you know that Costco buys up something like 95% of the world’s grade A cashew crops? That’s why all the other cashews are crap and Costco’s are the best. A calls them the fancy peanuts. I digress (and have a nut problem apparently)… I can’t find where I read this but I am sure it was in Costco Connection. Don’t edit Wikipedia with it as a fact but it’s about right!

If you do this deal you’ll get an activation card and your coupons in the mail. Just take them to Costco to redeem!

Oh geez now that I’m on Zulily I see the awesome Go Crib for $199. If I were having another this would be my pick for a travel crib! I had (well, still have) the excellent Baby Bjorn but it was hard to put the babies down in it because I’m so short!


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