Bed, Bath, and Beyond! Food scale, bubbles, and the teensiest spoons.

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20130514-083810.jpgDid you know that Bed, Bath, and Beyond takes expired coupons? Me neither! Seriously! My mother in law literally has a bag of them and I used them to score this awesome digital food scale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for 20% off. I may have also picked up a Fubbles bucket & bubble solution, and tasting spoons.

Because my husband loves tiny spoons. That earned me a HUGE smoocheroo. Last night he used a knife to eat his Medifast brownie because it was the utensil with the tiniest end. I just couldn’t put up with it. Of course these spoons are great for kids and desserts alike so they are super handy to have around. Eating with a tiny spoon = less per bite = longer to consume = less eaten. WIN!

But seriously, don’t buy those bubbles on Amazon, the link is just there for your convenience. The bucket & bubbles together cost me $10 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (after a $5 off $15 coupon of course)! Even if it is just a couple weeks it is so fun to have a car to run these silly little errands!

Of course policies can differ from store to store but it is worth a shot! The store I went to took three expired coupons in one order without batting an eye.


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