Target Easter Clearance!

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My kids & I strolled over to the mall today for Target Easter Clearance! The shelves were pretty barren, but we still found a great haul. I didn’t get any of it, but all the candy was still out (Target is slow to clearance out its candy, and we’re not doing candy anyways!) and there were a TON of adorable baby items, including a lot of Disney licensed ones (little minky dolls and rattles). PERFECT for stuffing a baby shower basket.


Here’s what we got at the 70% off Target Easter Clearance!

Note that although no signs were up for 70% off, it was. You can click for larger pictures!


  • Pepperidge Farm colors Goldfish, $1.39
  • NordicWare Whisk, $1.49. This actually matches the colors of my kids’ play kitchen exactly! It will be a toy so they stop stealing mine!
  • Treat containers, (Fairies & Marvel Avengers), 75 cents each
  • Egg decorating kits, 60 cents each
  • Rose Art Chalk, $1.48 (not the best deal but we use a lot and this was cute)
  • Dora & Transformers kites, 44 cents each
  • Pinwheel (not pictured, its holographic and has an LED light up), 89 cents [note we found one discarded in the Easter aisle but there were a bunch in toys too]
  • Easter plush, 89 cents each
  • Finger puppets, $1.49


  • two little Easter bowls, 89 cents each (Microwave safe!)
  • one (ONLY ONE) divided plate, 89 cents

So, what do I do with all this Target clearance stuff?

Sometimes it goes straight to the next holiday (the Valentine’s PlayDoh made an appearance in our Easter spread) but for the most part I have one plastic tub that I stuff the seasonal holiday gifts & treats into (this tub is different than our decorations).  I just put everything in there and it’s right there waiting for me when the next holiday rolls around!


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