I bought this giant hat!

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Hey hey hey – We’re on vacation but I hope you like this hat that I’m wearing RIGHT NOW. Because I bought it for my vacation!

Do you remember the hat I bought a couple weeks ago and returned? Good. It was terrible.  I bought this giant hat on Amazon – it’s a Coolibar closeout – for 20 bucks! It’s not Amazon Prime but the shipping was free and quick. And it does just what I want – be a giant huge hat with UPF 50 – for cheap! I was reminded of this the other day because I put the Julep daylight defense way too close to my eyes and I spent the morning in misery. I hate sunscreen near my eyes. It’s packable but doesn’t have a wire brim. That’s the only feature I would add. For twenty dollars, though, it was a steal!


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  • Lolli S

    This is super cute! I have a similar one but black that I bought at Target last year! They are so nice for in the sun!