April Klutchclub MOM box Review!

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We got the April KLUTCHclub Mom box!

I’m so excited to review the very first KLUTCHclub MOM Box!!! Klutchclub is definitely one of my favorites but not all the products totally fit my lifestyle (hello, probiotic digestive tract ebook partial voucher). I am really happy to report that I loved every item in this box!

KLUTCHclub is a monthly fitness-focused subscription box for women and men (and now kids too). Boxes include healthy snacks, supplements, personal care items, and workouts. It’s one of my personal favorites. Check out the KLUTCHclub directory listing for more information and reviews.20130419-155413.jpg

What’s in the April KLUTCHclub Mom Box

Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap in Basil. I am soooo partial to “garden” scents (non-floral) in my bath and body care products. I was thrilled to get it! It went in my bathroom so nobody else can use it. I’m so selfish. $7.20130419-155449.jpg

GoGo Squeez in Apple Banana (we love these pouches – about 50 cents a pouch), ojo eye care drink in mango blackcurrant (about $2.50), and SurfSweets organic jellybeans ($1.75 per packet). Two packets of jellybeans but my kids already swiped one! Actually by the time I got done writing this review all the jellybeans were gone. I’ll take solace in the fact that each packet provides 60% of the RDA for Vitamin C (although they are “better” sugar, it’s still sugar, so I have mixed feelings on it).


Sleepytime Kids Goodnight Grape Herbal Tea from Celestial Seasonings (40 cents a bag, so $1.60 total) and Barre Bar in pirouette cinnamon pecan. Barre bars are vegan, whole foods, no refined sugar, high in Omega-3s. Ingredients: dates, walnuts, pecans, agave nectar, hemp seed, rolled oats, hemp protein, ground flax seed,brown rice protein, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt, peanuts. Excellent!  My son already ate it!

I am a bit unsure on the tea. My kids do have trouble settling sometimes but I’m not sure they’ll drink this. I’ll give it a try. Maybe as an iced drink instead of hot? (Turns out they love iced tea!)


Own Cleanser, $12. (and a 15% off coupon on Amazon to boot!  It is supposed to activate “young cell behavior” in your skin without retinol. There was also a $5 manufacturer coupon in the box. No parabens. Other reviews say it is very gentle, which is wonderful!

FarFaria – 3 months on the application. I LOVE read to me applications. Let’s be honest, we can’t all read to our kids ALL DAY EVERY DAY. But hearing all sorts of new words is a good thing! FarFaria says all their stories have “read to me” even offline. I’m looking forward to trying this out!



Jasmine Seven Kids Fresh Feet Wipes Travel Pack, Grapefruit, 10 Count. I love this. Because I hate nasty dirty sandal feet. This product is even better if you are past the diapering phase and aren’t carrying baby wipes everywhere you go.

Not pictured – DailyBurn “gift” for 2 months free trial and $10 store credit. Added value is Zero. Sorry Klutchclub, this one’s a dud. It’s available to everyone! I use MyFitnessPal and I love it.20130419-155522.jpg

 Should you Splurge?

I am loving KLUTCHclub more than ever! I thought that this box was amazing and fantastic. If you are a Women (or Men’s!) subscriber you can swap your subscription by just emailing KLUTCHclub! Seriously my kids went through a quarter of this box by the time I had this typed up. I think we give it an A+!


Fitness focused boxes for women and men (mom boxes too). Boxes include healthy snacks, supplements, personal care items, and workouts. Each themed box contains 4-5 premium sample & full sized health products.



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  • Sierra

    Hi Brandy! Thanks for the review of our premier Mom’s box! Glad you liked the contents and I hope you are excited for May.

    I just wanted to point out that DailyBurn gives a 30 day trial to all members that come to their site, but our gift card is for 60 days, making it a valuable part of box. Additionally, if you have used the 30 days trial before, and go to our specialized link, you will get 60 days of a FREE membership. DailyBurn is an awesome program with a variety of workouts and it perfect for busy moms like yourself since you can do it anytime, anywhere.

    I hope you give it a try!

    Thanks again for your review!